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Michael Boley, 11.04.12

RE: Steelers' offense gaining yards after initial contact
A: That's what it boils down to. Poor tackling, not making plays on third down and that really killed us.

Q: Not everything can really be a Hollywood script. Does it feel a little disappointing that you guys wanted to go out there and win it for the fans? Considering what's been going on this week?
A: I'm very disappointed. Not only that, this was a game that we knew was going to be a tough game. It's a game that we thought we could win. So, to come out and basically play the way we did was very disappointing.

Q: Did it feel like not an emotionally draining week, just a different kind of week?

A: Very different. Most guys spent the majority of the week away from home. It's definitely different in that aspect.

Q: Did (Isaac) Redman do anything that surprised you? Or, was it a matter of poor tackling?
A: Poor tackling. They didn't do anything that we didn't see on film. We knew they were going to come in here and try to establish the run, we just didn't stop it.

RE: The Giants' defense being tired in the fourth quarter

A: They didn't do anything more. I'm not going to say it was all our fault. They're a good team. I take my hat off to them. We just didn't make the plays today.

Q: Tom said it was as disappointing of a loss as you guys have had in a long time. Did you feel that way, as well?
A: Yes. Just given the way we played the whole game. A lot of aspects of the game were not Giants football. Obviously, it showed.

Q: An emotional week for you guys. Emotional day, I guess. Tom really said he rallied on those emotions. Obviously, the hurricane and football are different things. Is it tough to not deliver a win today?
A: It's tough being in a situation like this. Not only were we looking forward to this game, a lot of fans were looking forward to this game. A lot of people from just in our area in general. This was something we were hoping to brighten some peoples' days.

Q: It looked like Redman was breaking a lot of tackles. Was it the way he was running, or were you guys not wrapping up?
A: It was poor tackling. It's pretty much what it boils down to. We harp on tackling all the time. Point of contact, driving guys back and we didn't do that today.

Q: What effect did what's gone on in the situation that a lot of guys on this team are in? What did it have on this game today?
A: None. Obviously, it was a different week. When it's all said and done, we still had to come in and work. We still had to perform and we didn't do that.

Q: A little tougher for people to go back to a cold house after watching that?

A: Yeah, definitely. It's a game that is definitely going to be looked at under a microscope. We did a lot of things wrong today. Luckily, we have another week ahead of us to get things right.

RE: Scoring on the fumble recovery
A: Osi did a good job of getting in and knocking the ball out. After that, I happened to be the closest one. We harp on whether you think it's a fumble or not, pick it up and score. I wanted to pick it up and score, and if they called it back, they called it back.

Q: Did you feel pretty good that you were going to get that score?
A: Yeah.