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Kevin Gilbride, 11.30.12

Q: Obviously David Wilson will see an increased role now, what's it like with him coming in against a Redskins defense that is not only strong against the run, but shows a lot of exotic blitz packages?
A: Same as anybody. You've got to be ready and know what you're doing and have an understanding of what your assignment are and what adjustments you have to make to handle the specific challenges or problems that the Redskins present. He's been working at it. He's certainly been around long enough to learn from the guys ahead of him that have done a great job with handling that stuff. There's no excuse for him not to be ready.

Q: Have you seen some progress from him in recent weeks?

A: I think he's working at it, we'll see. Until you see him on the game field, you don't know. I think he's making fewer mistakes and I think you see a little bit of it, an incremental growth. It's never as fast as a coach would want, but it is definitely happening. We're encouraged.

Q: Do you expect their defense to show you something different than last game?
A: I think you are who you are, in the sense that, "This is our base, this is what we're going to do defensively," but I do think that they had 11 days to work on some things so I fully expect to do some things that they haven't shown before. 75-85% of the stuff that they're going to do over the course of a game is things that they've done previously, for sure.

Q: How close is Hakeem Nicks to being 100%?

A: It's hard to tell. He's a warrior. He's trying as hard as he can try, you can't help but be proud of the kid. He's fighting through some things, and there's nothing he can do except continue to battle the way he's doing.

Q: Were their adjustments you made to get the running game going last week or were guys just executing better?
A: I think a combination. We did some nice things, schematically we had some ideas, the coaches came up with some really good thoughts and it was reflected in the success in the red zone. We were very, very good. The only time we did not score a touchdown was the last time, when we were kind of slowing down the game, but I think also, the guys played well. We played hard. We were physical and I think we did some good things with the opportunities that were presented.

Q: How long before the new running backs get to contribute? Any chance to see them this week?

A: Based upon what we've seen, they look like they're making the adjustment fairly quickly. The transition has gone probably more quickly than I thought was possible. Again, who knows? In the heat of the game, you revert back to the terminology and the nomenclature that you're more familiar with. Right now at practice, they're doing well.