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Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.30.12

Q: Talk about how you might have to carry the team more this week.
A: I got help. Kregg Lumpkin is coming in and the young boy is still here. So I got a lot of help. I can't put all the pressure on me right now and these guys are learning a whole lot right now to help me out.

Q: What was it like having Andre go down last week?

A: It's tough. We can tell Andre wants it more than anybody on this team and he wanted to be a part of this great year and it's a tough loss. Stuff happens and bad luck happened to Andre.

Q: Do you look at it as your responsibility to bring everybody up to speed?
A: That's just what I'm saying. I'm not going to put all the pressure on me. I want to help this team as much as I can and when I get the opportunity that's what it's going to be.

Q: How important is David Wilson now?
A: Very important. I've been telling him all week when I was a rookie... When I first got my play time, Derrick Ward went down with a broken leg and I was able to step in and be a huge part of our offense. So I've been telling him, staying in his ear trying to help him out as much as possible and he's just absorbing and learning.

Q: How are you feeling as far as having to get an increased workload?
A: I'm getting better every week. I feel great about it. We'll just see how it happens during the game.

Q: How special is it for you to play on Monday night?
A: It's very special. Being a divisional game and going back pretty much to home. I'm from Virginia. A lot of my family is around that area. It's going to be a very exciting game for me. I'm getting a lot healthier now, so I'm just more and more excited for the next game.

Q: You can put some separation between you and the rest of the division.

A: It's huge for us. Just to go up in the division and just to play our hearts out and be able to take the lead a little more.

Q: How much can you help a young player like Wilson develop?
A: I just try to feed him a lot of the little things because that's what he has problems with. When he's running the ball and reading the guards' blocks and just being more patient. A lot of our runs are patient runs and waiting for the frontline to make a certain block or for the defensive line to jump outside and you know we cut it up. Just little things I can help him with. He has great vision, great speed. He's a sponge right now to absorb all the information.