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Tom Coughlin, 11.30.12

TC: Good afternoon, who do you want to know about that didn't practice?

A: Yeah, his back is bothering him so we thought we'd hold him.

Q: You expect him Monday night?
A: I would, yes.

Q: Is that something that has been bothering him in the past?

A: (It) just recently started bothering him.

Q: Did Jayron Hosley get hurt yesterday?
A: He practiced.

Q: Is Kenny Phillips making progress?

A: He made some progress today, he practiced limited.

Q: Jacquian Williams?

A: He did some today, a little bit more than he's been doing.

Q: David Baas?
A: He worked, limited.

Q: Did David Diehl practice?

A: He did not. He came out and did a couple things in individual.

Q: Thoughts on Locklear and his versatility this season:
A: Whenever called upon, he's done a good job.

Q: Is it tough to get those kinds of guys?

A: Very tough, very tough. He's very conscientious, he works hard. He has a lot of pride in what he does.

Q: Is it part of your philosophy to have rookies get increased responsibility around this time of year?
A: Well, it's a developmental philosophy. The concept is to try to get people where they are able to provide good play for us on a lot of levels. This is where we are with these guys. This time of year, hopefully they've done their homework. They've been developed, they can go into games and we can have confidence that they can do more than just one or two things. They can be a well-rounded player and that's why it happens at this time of year.

Q: How much of the pressure on Aaron Rodgers can be attributed to the play of the secondary?

A: It's a two-way street. It starts up front, and they did a good job up front. We were solid in our coverage.

Q: You said the Redskins always do well against the run, do you still try and knock your head against a wall and force the run game?
A: Sure. Yeah, you have to try and have some balance. You go through and you search and you find schemes that have worked and are successful and whether or not you can incorporate them, that's another thing. You're going to try, obviously, to have some things that you can go to and call upon to have some kind of balance.

Q: Sometimes do you have to do it backwards?

A: Sometimes.

Q: Is that dangerous on the road?
A: We've had a lot of road opportunities to do it both ways and sometimes it's been successful and sometimes not.

Q: With Rivers and Williams coming back at LB, does that free up Kiwanuka to play on the line?
A: Well, he was very effective in that position last weekend.

Q: What's the thought on defending RGIII?
A: We've worked hard at that. It's not an easy chore. He's throwing the ball; he's very accurate with that. Just like all people with that kind of ability, you do have to constantly be reminded of your containment responsibilities and in this case, because of the option, you obviously have that involved, too.

Q: With Kiwanuka, is it rare to have a guy that can play both roles like that?
A: Well, it's rare, it's not easy. It's a difficult thing. When you sit back and try to assess exactly...this happened a couple years ago, how to get your best players on the field; that was a way we could do it.

Q: What does Garcon add for the Redskins?
A: Veteran leadership, outstanding receiver, speed, all of the above.

Q: Is a spy on the quarterback a less-used technique now-a-days?
A: Not really. That relates more to the drop-back and coming out of the pocket-type thing. You have other forms of offense that you have to defend here and I think that term only applies to the area that I'm just referring to.

Q: Is Garcon a big difference for them?
A: I think anytime you have a player of that quality, no question. Just another weapon that they can utilize and he's made his mark in the games he's been back.