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Farley's Football Fodder: Sandy Aftermath Edition

Mike Farley's weekly look around the NFL in a fun and sometimes slightly serious manner

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Happy weekend, fellow NFL fans. I know, however, that it's not happy everywhere. People on the east coast, where many of you live and breathe and work, are suffering and without power and have extensive damage to their homes. I just want to say that, from me personally, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. And hopefully you are able to sneak away here to read about football for a few minutes. So let's see what is and has been happening around the NFL this week...

Can you guys believe how the Redskins suddenly had a case of the dropsies against Pittsburgh? A week after RG3 was 20 of 28 and converted three of three fourth downs and had receivers making great catches, he was 16 of 34 and had his receivers dropping passes like the ball was coated in butter. That prompted Mike Shanahan to say, ‘‘I don't care where the (ball) placement is, as long as it hits your hand, you better catch it or else you won't be in the National Football League for very long.'' But seriously, Michael Vick has zero turnovers against us and then that? I know we're 6-2, but still.

Speaking of us being 6-2, I found myself fascinated by this Mike Pereira article that led with the explanation of the Dez Bryant near-touchdown call, and how having replay back in the day may have changed the course of NFL history. And that even if Bryant's palm his before his fingers, it would have still been incomplete. Then he goes on to talk about other games and situations and the effect of calls made in the games--and while Pereira annoys me sometimes on FOX, I came away after reading this like I learned something about NFL rules. So Kudos, Mike.

Oh really, Packers? You're pissed about questionable penalties? Maybe go back and watch the two games we played against you last year.

Which coaches should be canned first? I like what Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports says, that Jason Garrett and Andy Reid should top the list. Wow. Weren't the Eagles supposed to win the NFC East and weren't the Giants supposed to finish third? I know we're only halfway through the season, but the cushion and implosion of those teams feels good.

Part of me feels guilty that the Giants' home game against the Steelers will be played on Sunday as planned, but part of me is, well, happy about it. And it seems like there are a lot of decisions being made about New Jersey/New York sporting events, most of which are still taking place.

Jay Cutler master of the fourth quarter? Um, huh? I know the numbers are the numbers, but let me see him do something big in a big game in the fourth quarter the way Eli does it.

Do you get the feeling Tim Tebow is going to play for every NFL team before all is said and done? Well, I know one team that would never sign a splashy player like this. The New York Football Giants. In this really great article by our own Ed Valentine, the Giants' knack for finding quality players amid the scrap heaps of the NFL is a big reason for their perennial contention.

Dallas offensive lineman Tyron Smith has family members, including his mom, trying to extort him for money to the point that he needs police protection? Wow, what a weird and crazy story that is.

Unless I'm missing something, this article that classifies Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch as throwbacks doesn't compare them to any, well, throwbacks. They are throwbacks to a single back era, but who do their running styles remind you guys of? Barry Sanders? Walter Payton? I don't know if I know the answer to that, but it's fun to debate. And those two guys are the tackle-breaking, hard-nose runners that really are more of a rarity these days.

Every time the Giants play the Steelers or Chargers--which is every four years--the 2004 draft day is brought up, and how the Giants traded Philip Rivers for Eli Manning and where Ben Roethlisberger was chosen by the Steelers at the top of the same draft. But it's interesting to consider that the G-men almost drafted Big Ben.

Pete Carroll shoots down the notion that the Alabama Crimson Tide, ranked No. 1 in college ball, could beat an NFL team. This will likely be a debate we have forever, unless they do this in the preseason at some point.

We often read and hear and write about parity and mediocrity in the NFL. This is a funny take on that and more from Cameron Martin, but I had to do a double take at one thing he wrote--that there are only two 4-4 teams right now. Arizona and Seattle. A few weeks back, there were like entire conferences at 3-3. Well, the Chargers are also 4-4 now after playing Thursday, and many teams have only played seven games, but it's still interesting. Well, maybe not. I need more coffee.

A lot of teams are in desperation mode at this point in the season, including our beloved Cowboys and Eagles. I'm just sort of glad the Giants are not in that category. But let's always keep things in perspective. Our team starts off just about every season 6-2 before having mediocre second halves. Let's hope that doesn't happen again, and let's hope our Giants don't give us more near-heart-attacks this Sunday.

Thanks to all of you who entered to win a New York Giants' official Crock Pot earlier this week. The winner of our caption contest is Larry Colkin, who offered this beauty of the photo of Tom Coughlin:v "Awwww, Boothe has been eating that damn chili again." Nicely done, Larry, and enjoy your Crock Pot!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the games on Sunday.....