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Eli Manning, 11.29.12

Q: What is a key focus heading into this game?
A: I think we need to protect the football. They do a good job on defense at getting turnovers. They do a good job at getting pressure so we have to protect the ball offensively and be patient. Hopefully we'll have the right calls at the right times and hit some big plays.

Q: What do you need to do better in this game compared to your last meeting?
A: I had two turnovers last time in the game so we need to fix that. I thought we were very good at third-down last time. I thought we were pretty good in the red zone getting touchdowns. I thought we played pretty well most of the game, except for those two turnovers.

Q: Is Monday Night Football a big day for you, or is it just another game?

A: Monday Night games are always fun; big game in the division that means something. (It) should be a great crowd and a good atmosphere. Obviously, the game is the most important thing, and (I'm) looking forward to playing in these important games.

Q: Do you feel if you win this game that you can secure the NFC East?

A: No. That's not the concern. We still have a lot of football left. We have five games left. This is an important one, because it's the next. We have to worry about having great practices going in there and find a way to win.

Q: How did the new running backs look out there today?
A: I think they did a good job. Obviously it's a lot thrown at them very quickly, but both guys have been around a number of years, and understand that. I think they'll pick things up quickly and try to throw as much at them as possible and see what they can take in and see how much they can possibly help us this week.

Q: You're going against another team that allows a lot of passing yards but gets a lot of interceptions. Is this just a concept of high-risk, high-reward?
A: Yeah, they have an aggressive style in some of their coverages. Gives the opportunity for guys to make plays and make interceptions, yet if you can see things, and you have enough time, they open up some holes for some big plays. You have to understand when to take your shots and understand that when they have things covered, don't force anything.

Q: How much better do you feel about yourself after the three touchdowns, no interception game against Green Bay?

A: I always feel good about my game, and feel like I can go out there and play well. It's good to see the offense clicking and making plays and we just have to make sure we're continuing to do that. Everybody as a whole offense is playing better football.