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Victor Cruz, 11.28.12

Q: I know it's hard to keep track of all the other teams, is there a sense that Washington is a team on the rise in your division and a contender, at that?
A: I think so. I think they have a really good team and it all starts with RGIII. I think they're definitely a good team and they're definitely a team that can do some good things. I would definitely say they're on the rise, for sure.

Q: Do you see them as the biggest threat in your division? Is that something you can say, now?
A: I think so. I think they're still a couple of pieces away from actually being contenders and legitimate talks for playoffs and things like that. They're still a few pieces away, whether it be defensively or whatever they're missing. I think they have to be in the conversation. They've got a good team, they play good football, they hold the ball for a long time and they really do some good things. I'd definitely put them in that conversation, for sure.

RE: Expecting different coverage in the upcoming game due to the game-winning touchdown in the last match-up

A: I think so. They were definitely paying some close attention to me in that game. If it gets any more than that, I'll be in some trouble. I think they'll definitely be playing some different types of coverages and things like that. We'll see how it goes.

Q: DeAngelo Hall said it didn't take rocket science to make the throw that Eli made to you on that play. I know you guys always draw motivation during the week, will you talk about that at all this week?
A: I'm not sure. I don't know what our source for inspiration is going to be this week. To be honest, I doubt it will be that, because we just don't like to pay attention to stuff like that. We just like to go out there and let our game speak and not really focus on what other guys on other teams are saying that try to derail us or try to belittle our performance. So, that's probably not something that is going to come up.

Q: That play, when it happened, was shocking for its timing. It came right after the Redskins scored and seemed to have the momentum. When you look back on that, you've had a lot of big plays in your career, how does that one rank on your list of top plays you've made?
A: It's definitely pretty high up there. To have a game-winning touchdown of 70-plus yards, it's just what you dream of. Long bomb, through the double-team, just going straight and sprinting into the end zone. It definitely ranks pretty high up there in those monumental touchdowns that I've had so far in my career. It's definitely one that I'm proud of and one that I can continue to do.

Q: Is this a game where you can put some space between your team and Washington?
A: For sure. I think it's a game where we can put some space between us and the rest of the division and really be in a position to lock it up. Basically lock up our division with a win in Washington. So, I think we understand that. We just want to continue to play good football, which is what we're playing right now and hopefully, we can put some distance between us and the rest of our division after Monday night.

Q: So much of this game can be momentum, do you guys feel like you've now regained a little bit of it on offense? Especially after the slump that you guys had endured?
A: Most definitely. I think we've definitely got a lot of momentum right now. Coming off the bye week, where we felt like it was much needed, where we needed some rest and kind of recharge our batteries, recharge our minds, come out and play the way we did was just great. I think we're hitting our stride once again at the right time. We've just got to keep it going.

Q: How do you guys keep it going? How do you keep that energy level and effort level up for the rest of the way?
A: Just remaining consistent, understanding what's on the table, understanding that we have the opportunity with a couple more wins here down the stretch to basically lock up our division and be in a good place going into the playoffs. We understand that and we understand what moment we're in and what position that we're in right now, we just want to take advantage of it.

Q: Do you think that Hakeem is at 100 percent?

A: I think so. I think he's just about there. He was making some explosive plays and you could see a little bit of the old Hakeem come back and it was good to see. He was taking advantage of the coverage, taking advantage of his defender, catching the ball, making guys miss, stretching out and getting into the end zone. So, it was definitely good to see. I was happy for him and he's hitting his stride at the right time. We need more weapons and guys to play us more honestly defensively is exactly where he comes in.

Q: How do you feel about leading NFC wide receivers in Pro Bowl voting?

A: It's funny. I just got a text message today from my agent saying that. I'm humbled. It's just crazy to think, it's crazy to even fathom the thought that just three years ago, I was a guy nobody knew, now I'm leading in votes for the Pro Bowl. Words can't even explain how I feel about that right now. I'm just humbled by it and, hopefully, I can continue my high level of play, continue to catch the football, score some touchdowns and not let the fans down.

Q: Do you think your viral video has helped out?

A: I think so. I think so. I think it's definitely a catalyst in getting some more people headed in the right direction to vote for me and things like that. I think it played a big part and the funny thing is, we've got a couple more videos that we want to put out there that should continue that trend, so we'll see how it goes.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet your new running backs yet?

A: Not yet. I saw one of them today but he was in the weight room when I was in there getting treatment and whatnot. I haven't met them yet, but I've heard about them and whoever we can get to go in there and replace those big shoes of Andre Brown will be beneficial for us.

Q: You said you didn't expect the DeAngelo Hall thing would be of much motivation this week, but you guys have used that in the past. A lot of guys over the course of this past year have said that they gave you victories, you didn't earn them. Does it help when you've got that little bit of something there to motivate for revenge? Does that help at all in getting guys up for a game?
A: I think it does. Depending on what it is, depending on the source, depending on how hard of a blow it is to us. What they're saying, how much it hits us close to home. It's definitely something that we use as motivation, definitely something that we use, going into a game. I just don't think what DeAngelo said is going to be one of them, but you never know. Coughlin might bring it up or coach might bring it up in a meeting. It might turn into that, so, we'll see and it's good definitely to play with a little chip on your shoulder. That's when you play at your best, when you want to prove people wrong and shut people up. That's something that we pride ourselves on.

Q: Do you think they'll be coming in with a chip on their shoulder, a little anger about what happened the last time?

A: I definitely think so. Obviously, they're not happy about it. They felt like they had the game won and we turned around and scored, then they had the fumble at the end of the game to basically solidify it for us. They're not going to be happy about it, man. I think it's going to be a rough environment in Washington. It's going to have its highs and lows and we've just got to be able to battle and stay in the fight. I think they're definitely going to be angry and they're going to be playing inspired football, which is how we know they play.

Q: You used the word ‘belittle' before. It depends on how much the opponent belittles what you've done. How is what DeAngelo Hall said not belittling to you and Eli?

A: Just because we feel like what he's saying isn't that detrimental to what we did. It didn't take a rocket scientist to throw the ball or me to catch it, or whatever it was. It was a play that was designed, a play that was in front of your defense, a play that had to be run in order for us to win the game. Eli threw it and I caught it. So, it wasn't that difficult but it was something that was done. It was something that wasn't given to us. The guys were in coverage, they were chasing after me, they were in position to potentially make plays on the ball, but unfortunately for them, they didn't do so. It's something that we don't think of, because it's like, we had to go out there and physically do it. It wasn't like you guys just sat back and gave us the ball and gave us the win. It's just not going to be something that's going to affect us.

Q: It wasn't that special, then did you gain a greater appreciation for what rocket scientists have to go through?
A: Exactly. I mean, rocket scientists are pretty smart people, I gather. They have to be doing something, some good things if it wasn't as easy as me catching that ball. I have a lot of respect for rocket scientists now.

Q: Rocket scientists say it doesn't take a football player to do what we do.

A: Exactly, exactly.

Q: You said the Redskins are still a couple of pieces away. I'm guessing you think the Giants have all of the pieces they need, right?
A: Definitely. I think we're still the same team from last year, we have the same pieces in place. We have the same mindset. We have the same coaching, the same type of development and I think we're in a prime position to make another push for the playoffs and another push for the Super Bowl.