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Jason Babin cut by Eagles -- should Giants pick him up?

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Jason Babin
Jason Babin
Rich Schultz

The deconstruction of the imploding Philadelphia Eagles continued today when the team released starting defensive end Jason Babin, who had 18 sacks last season and 12.5 the year before.

I will just ask flat out. The way the New York Giants collect defensive ends, and with Osi Umenyiora likely leaving after this season, does anyone have interest in the team signing the 32-year-old Babin? Personally, I would pass -- which is exactly what I believe the Giants will do.

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Pro Football Focus broke down the pros and cons of Babin, and had this to say:

There are flaws to the game of Jason Babin, and while this ‘one trick pony’ tag is a bit overblown, making a move for him isn’t a guaranteed winner. But if you can pick up a guy on a short term deal with little risk, then why not give a talented guy a chance to earn himself a big deal come free agency?

I’m no general manager but you can never have enough good pass rushers right?

SB Nation Philly isn't sorry to see Babin leave Philly, calling the move "addition by subtraction."

Babin really typified the overpaid, under-performing nature of this 2012 Eagles team. After a season where he racked up an eye popping 18 sacks, Babin has managed just 5.5 this season. When you're a one trick pony as Babin is and you can't even perform that one trick... There's really no point in having you around.

You tell me, Giants fans. Do you have any interest in Babin? Or is your only interest in this story chuckling at the futility of the Eagles?