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New York Giants' news and notes: David Wilson, RGIII, more

New York Giants news and notes for Tuesday morning.

Andre Brown has been given the short-term IR designation
Andre Brown has been given the short-term IR designation
Rich Schultz

Good morning, New York Giants' fans. We begin today's notebook with a couple of items from the Monday transcripts.

Tom Coughlin [Full transcript]

Q: David Wilson was told that he's next man up. Is he ready for this opportunity?

A: It's his time. The timing as far as where he's coming from couldn't be any better, I don't think. If he's been very vigilant, and paid attention to the way that people have been corrected in front of him, then he's going to give himself the best opportunity. It is a great opportunity for him and I think for our team as well, in terms of what could develop here in this stage of the season for David. It would've been a real plus for us to have all three of the backs, Andre included, going down the stretch here, because the contribution of Andre last night was very strong as well.

Q: Did this performance match that of the game against San Francisco?

A: I think each one of these things is of its own right...I wouldn't compare them, but it was a good football game, it was a good contribution. We did get the two turnovers, we didn't turn the ball over, and we created some opportunities, field position, etc. for ourselves. It was a good game. Was the timing good? You bet it was. Coming off the previous two performances, which were well below par, we felt this was very important.

Justin Tuck [Full transcript]

Q: What impressed you most about the first meeting with him [RGIII]?

A: I think his poise for a rookie quarterback. He just seems to always be in the moment and never rattled and never too high with the highs. It just seems like he's always focused on the play at hand. I haven't seen him kind of flustered or anything like that. You always see him kind of poised and ready for the moment and that says a lot about his maturity to be thrust upon this league and have all the weight of a franchise on you. It shows a lot about how mature he is.

Q: You're going to have to battle him for the next decade.

A: I don't plan on being here for that long, but yeah. Until I exit stage right, it seems like he's going to be a fixture in my dreams and nightmares.

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