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New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers, five key plays

A look at some of the key plays in the Giants' rout of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.

Al Bello

This post is always a lot more fun when the Giants win in a rout like they did on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers. Three of his week's plays were very easy to choose.

No. 1 -- Ahmad Bradshaw's 59-yard scamper on a screen pass.

For an offense that had been struggling mightily a big gain on the first drive that leads to a touchdown energizes a team and instills confidence in an offense (that's the thought from my couch, anyway). It was important to get the offense going early and a brilliant play call from Kevin Gilbride put early points on the board.

No. 2 -- Eli Manning bull-dozes (I use that term very lightly) a Packers defender on a 13-yard run.

I'm not sure what Eli Manning was thinking here, but I loved this play. It was like Eli was telling this team "step up and .... (there's a few members out there who could finish that for me).

In all reality, Eli Manning is 6-foot-4, 230 pounds and he had 40 pounds on the guy, but that's not the point. That's a very un-Eli Manning like move and I was amped. I can't imagine it did not impact the team positively. I really feel like if the Giants do something special this year we might look fondly back on this play like the Victor Cruz touchdown to the Jets.

No. 3 -- Corey Webster picks off Aaron Rodgers

This was more about the player who intercepted the pass more so than the interception itself. Corey Webster redeemed himself on this big play after getting torched on the Packers first drive. Facing a team that is as dynamic as the Packers are on offense is a daunting task and Webster really bounced back nicely after getting beat by Jordy Nelson (though in the end that Nelson touchdown helped put my fantasy team over the top and didn't cost the Giants, so thank you Corey Webster?)

No. 4 -- Chase Blackburn sacks Aaron Rodgers for a -8-yard loss

The Giants were up 17-7, hardly an insurmountable lead for this team, when Chase Blackburn burst through the middle on first down (on a well-timed blitz) and crushed Aaron Rodgers. Two plays later the Packers punted back to the Giants, who proceeded to go up 24-7.

No. 5 -- Osi Umeinyora strip sacks Aaron Rodgers in the 2-minute drill

The Packers were down 24-10, but had a chance to put more points on the board heading into the half. If the Packers scored here they would receive the ball back and could have made this game interesting in the second half. Instead, Osi Umenyiora made his first big play of the year (exaggeration? Doesn't feel like it) the Giants capitalized on the turnover by scoring another touchdown and putting the game away for good.

Fun game to watch. It's refreshing to have a great game against a quality opponent instead of sweating it out until the bitter end, but this is still the New York Giants and the National Football League. Who knows what'll happen next week when the Giants travel to Washington to take on the exciting Redskins.