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Kenny Phillips, 11.25.12

A: I'm not worried at all. I probably could have continued to play, but with the score how it was, I figured it wouldn't make any sense to go out there and try to hurt it some more.

Q: How concerned were you when you felt the knee?
A: I was like ‘here we go again,' but I got to the sidelines and the doctors took a look at it. It feels pretty good right now. I didn't want to take that chance to go back out there and miss the next week.

Q: Do you remember what happened?
A: I saw the guy running open and I just tried to burst and cover him up and I felt it a little bit.

Q: How did it feel to be back out there?
A: I felt great, especially to come back with a game like this. A lot of guys were playing full speed and having a lot of fun. It felt great to be back.

Q: How important is the win for you?

A: It put us back where we want to be. We're two games in front of Dallas and I believe Washington, also. We've just got to continue to keep playing like we've been playing and the sky is the limit.