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Tom Coughlin, 11.25.12

We played well tonight, really in all three phases, something we needed to do. We approached this game as if it was the first of a six-game season. I thought we had a good week of practice. I thought the guys were very committed, very serious. I thought they came back rested, both mentally and physically. I thought they were really into preparing and supporting each other and so on and so forth. We challenged our team to play. Adam (Merchant), a young man who was with us from Make-a-Wish on Friday, said to our team, ‘Play like world champions.' The message was loud and clear. We had Adam in the locker room after the game as well and had him in the middle. Guys were very appreciative that he was here and really what he said was most meaningful. We picked up on that and that's basically the challenge that we kept throughout the weekend and on our Saturday night meetings, ‘play like world champions.'

Q: After the touchdown on Corey Webster's side, your thoughts on him coming back and making the interception and how big was that for you guys?
A: It was huge. It was a well designed scheme and we were able to make that play. Webby is a veteran corner and in that situation, the memory, he has a very bad memory. That's why he ....

Q: Any injury update on Andre Brown?

A: Yeah, he broke his fibula. It takes a lot off of the win, to be honest with you.

Q: What about Phillips?
A: I don't know. We're going to have to see about that.

Q: How happy were you about the running game, especially what they were doing more behind Boothe and Beatty today? Can you talk about their performances?
A: Well, we rushed for 147 yards, which as you saw in the ... short yardage that we tried to .... that's not an easy chore against that front. I was pleased with that we had a nice mix back and forth. We were over fifty percent on third down. I think we went five for six in the green zone, which is much better than we have done. We were plus-two. We did not turn the ball over. The game was played in a very tight fashion. A very solid performance in terms of not putting any specific phase of our team in a bad circumstance in field position, or what have you.

Q: Can you talk about Eli's play, considering how he was playing going into the bye?
A: There was no doubt that he was going to come back and play well, in my mind. I think the rest really helped him as well as all of our other players. As a matter of fact, Eli said he felt as if he was coming back for the start of a season. I was very confident that he would come back and redeem it.

Q: Any thoughts on Eli becoming the all-time touchdown passer of the Giants; he passed Phil Simms today?

A: I didn't see that. Great, I'm happy for him and many, many more.

Q: On the second drive Eli lowered his shoulder into Williams. When you see that do you cringe or do you appreciate the spunk?
A: Well, it sparked our sideline, that's for sure. That wouldn't be recommended on a normal basis, but in that case, to see him do that, I think, sent a message to the rest of our team as well, in terms of whatever you have to do to succeed, do it.

Q: Your defensive line was harassing Rodgers, your thoughts on that?

A: I think we got five sacks today and numerous times I think we were able to put some pressure on the quarterback. That was something we felt we absolutely had to do with someone with the talent of Aaron Rodgers and having the type of year that he's having. To be able to have him throw the ball on our timing rather than his, we were glad to see that.