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Chris Snee, 11.25.12

A: We're confident that when our back is against a wall that we'll come out and fight and perform and the big players will step up and make plays and I think that's exactly what you saw and the defense was tremendous. To hold that offense to 10 points was just incredible and then we scored touchdowns. That's been our problem and we scored touchdowns and didn't have the turnovers.

Q: Was that the best balance you've had running setting up the pass?
A: Yeah. I think you'd have to go back to... I guess yeah. Even at San Fran we didn't run the ball really except for the fourth quarter. So I think overall that's the kind of product we think we're capable of.

Q: What did you think of your quarterback lowering the shoulder?
A: I caught the replay of it and I'd really prefer him not to do so, but he wouldn't do it unless he felt it was necessary.

Q: Coach agreed with your statement.
A: Listen, he slides all the time, so he felt it was necessary to do that. He's a big boy and he did it.

Q: Anything said in the huddle after that play?

A: No. Next play. We can't talk about him too much. We talk about him all week, every week. So here I am talking about him again.

Q: A lot of the talk has been about what's wrong.
A: Listen, there's going to be ups and downs. You guys know that, I know that and so I said the week before the bye there was no panic from my end and from our end and we just wanted to rest up and feel fresh.