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Farley's Football Fodder: Playoff Picture Still Muddy Edition

Mike Farley takes a look at this week's NFL stories and has some fun with them.

Greetings fellow NFL fans, and welcome to the Week 12 calm before the storm of NFL games on Sunday, with three Thursday games in the rear view mirror. Or something. Seriously though, the playoff picture is in some ways becoming clear, and in other ways it's still very much up for grabs--unfortunately I'm looking at you, NFC East. The NFC Central and wild card races in both conferences are also tight, making for some exciting action here down the stretch. Meanwhile, let's see what else is happening out there.....

The NFL is finally making its medical records digital. Does that mean there will be huge file cabinets for sale on Craigslist? It's a legitimate question, right?

Did Ed Reed just do his job as a football player when he leveled Emmanuel Sanders in the hit that led to a one-game suspension, or did he think he was squashing a giant bumblebee? It's a legitimate question, right?

How many people will it take to clean Andy Reid's office when he inevitably gets canned? I'm imagining ketchup and mayo stains on the floor, crumbs all over his desk and old BK wrappers under his desk. And crusted sweat and mustache hair on his office chair, which will no doubt have to be destroyed. And who wants THAT job? It's a legitimate question, right?

Why is it anytime I read anything about a kicker, I immediately think about Peyton Manning calling Mike Vanderjagt an "idiot kicker?" By the way, if Manning calls you an idiot, you are not long for the NFL. So watch your step, Prater. You too, Elway.

You know, every time I see London Fletcher play, I think several things--he plays the game the right way and is a good guy, he knows how to tackle, and I wish he played for the Giants. Even hurt, he makes plays as he did on Thursday.

I was wondering if Scott Hanson still did NFL Network Red Zone (which, by the way, came before Direc TV's version). And then I saw this article. It's really the same thing, by the way, but Andrew Siciliano just has way bigger ears than Hanson.

If you wonder what it might be like to be an NFL player agent, this is a great read. It's a great read even if you weren't wondering that.

You know what struck me about this article with Rob Ryan talking about RG3? That he said his team was going to win on Thursday. Those silly little Ryan twins. They sure do like to talk smack and then get smacked.

I'm not a Lions' fan (obviously), but I was ranting like a lunatic on Thanksgiving about Justin Forsett's knee being down and the play not being reviewable because Jim Schwartz threw a challenge flag he didn't have. I asked my wife repeatedly, as if she would know, "Aren't all scoring plays reviewed?" That is a stupid loophole that is beyond stupid, in my humble opinion. You may remember, too, that referee Walt Coleman is known for controversies, the most infamous being the "tuck rule."

When I see "Suh" and "groin hit" in the same sentence, I immediately cover my package. Owwwwww.

I laughed when one of my fellow fantasy league managers took Adrian Peterson in the first round of our draft. Of course, that guy is 9-2 and steamrolling everyone, including 4-7 me. Lesson learned. Man, that guy is a beast.

Who is fired up for the Grey Cup??? By the way, who performs at halftime there? Celine Dion? Neil Young? Or Bryan Adams? It's a legitimate question, right?

I feel like I may have posted this last year, but it's worth posting again for you guys that are looking for uses for all those leftovers from Thursday. Enjoy, and enjoy the games this weekend!