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New York Giants' news and notes: Sleepy Saturday edition

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Good morning, New York Giants' fans. Here is your Saturday morning notebook.

Rivers: "It could have been a way lot worse" | New York Daily News
LB Keith Rivers briefly discussed the car accident he was involved in over the bye week. Rivers, who is questionable for Sunday, said he was alone in his 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser in California and he simply lost control.

"Just a downhill," Rivers told the News. "New tires, new breaks, just skidded out a little bit and rolled my car.

"It could have been a way lot worse."

Giants owner wants challenge rule reviewed (and changed)
Lions coach Jim Schwartz cost his team a TD in Thursday's loss by challenging a scoring play, but the rule has sparked an outcry

Giants will face different Packers defense


"I’m anxious to see how we come out and play because I feel like we need to respond to the key games that we’ve lost and we also need to prove that we are still world champions and play like it at some point."

-- Osi Umenyiora