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Justin Tuck, 11.21.12

Q: What did you guys do to Rodgers in the playoff game that you weren't able to do in the regular season game?

A: I think we just tried to change up little things. I felt like we were playing better as a unit in the playoff game than when we played them out here. Our secondary was in tune with what the front was doing. Our looks were all together. It just kind of slowed him down in his reads, and that allowed us to get some pressure on him, hit him a little bit and our offense put up points. So, they were fighting from behind in that one. Out here, we didn't get the same amount of pressure, the same kind of time that we got in the playoff game.

Q: How relevant are those games? You're playing them for the third time in 12 months. They've got some changes in personnel and it is a few months ago, now.

A: It's still relevant. You still kind of get a good feel of how they want to play against us. We've played against that o-line, or pieces of it. So, we know how they like to protect. If we're going to see the chips, or man-on-man and which way is the center going to slide? It's little things that we can get a feel for, going into the game. Like you said, there are a lot of differences about them, but there are differences about us, too. We'll see what happens.

Q: What is the number one reason why Aaron Rodgers is so good?

A: I don't know what the number one reason is. A lot has to do with the fact that he can hit anybody, anywhere on that football field. So, you have to cover the whole field with him. He's able to move in the pocket, get down the field and hurt you with his legs. You kind of bide your time when you blitz him, because he can hurt you with his legs, and he did that against us up here, especially. It's a lot of things that make that guy a great quarterback.

Q: Is Aaron Rodgers the kind of quarterback that you can rattle? Can you rattle him?

A: No. I think we can probably speed him up a little. Maybe we can slow him down a little bit. Rattle? He's played in a lot of big-time games, and played well in those games. He's gotten hit a lot and he'll still take you hard at the end of the games. Rattle him? I don't think so. I hope I'm wrong, if he can. He hasn't shown anything on film where you think he can be rattled. You look at that Seattle game, he got hit almost every play. The second half, he came out like the gun slinger he's always been. I don't think he's ‘rattleable,' if that's even a word.

Q: Coach Coughlin said this is a huge game and you rarely hear a coach single a game out. How important is it for you in the season?

A: It's very important. Dallas is right on our tail. We know what our schedule is like the rest of the way. They're coming into our house on Sunday Night Football. The whole world is going to be watching. This is probably a team, if things go right, we'll probably see again in the playoffs, hopefully. It's important, because we both are fighting for positions in the playoff race.

RE: Importance of setting a tone by starting the six-game schedule on the right foot:

A: We do. We've played crappy football over the last couple of weeks. We really would like to swing this momentum back in our favor. We'd really like to come out of this football game feeling very confident about where we are as a football team heading into the rest of this schedule. It's just a great opponent, a great measuring stick for our football team, to see exactly where we are. We know they're going to come in here, trying their best to beat us, obviously. Again, I think it's going to be a great measuring stick for us to see where we are and hopefully, we're able to pull it out and get a win.

Q: Last year, you took some satisfaction from the loss-

A: Never that. Not me. I am a sore loser, I hate losing and how we lost. Honestly, I'd rather get blown out than to lose by two. I really would. For me, there's no good loss. You play this game to win the game. That's all that matters at the end of the year. That's what they look at, wins and losses. It doesn't matter if you lost by one, or lost by 50. Me, personally, I want to win every game I go into.