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Chase Blackburn, 11.21.12

Q: Do you have any sense that the defense is playing better?

A: Yeah. We're continuing to work every day. That's why we practice, that's why we go through all these meetings and watch film and everything. We try to correct all the mistakes. I feel that we're getting a group of guys together that want to get it done. We're definitely giving it our best effort and hopefully the results will show from them.

Q: What have you seen from all that hard work? Where do you see the team getting better on defense?

A: Just communication-wise as far as everyone just understanding that not even as so much as communication because they already know it. It's more of an understanding. You know that guys are going to be in the right spot and the trust is there more so than it has been.

Q: You made your return last season against the Packers. Talk about what it's been like since then.

A: It was a completely different year for me than last year. It's been nice playing a full season. I guess not really a whole lot of different stuff. Just playing the same game I've been playing for a long time and enjoying every minute of it.

Q: Are they pretty much the same group of guys from last year?

A: Yeah. I mean their offensive line is a little bit thin right now. We know that and they have some guys nicked up. We'll see as far as what happens with a couple of other guys that whether they're going to return or play this week or not. We won't know until Sunday maybe, but overall they have a lot of the same style and they're playing better football than they did at the beginning of the season.

Q: They've been very successful on third down conversions. What is it that they do that makes them so successful?

A: I think it's a combination. They attack the coverages well. I'm sure Aaron will make some checks at the line and make some changes to routes as far as what he sees if they have sight adjustments. He's putting the ball in a position where his receiver can catch it... They're executing well on third down.

Q: Randall Cobb is doing a lot for them.

A: You can call him an all-around guy. In college, they have athletes where you recruit. He's kind of that guy, I guess. He's a punt returner, kick returns, leading receiver, he runs the ball out of the backfield, they kind of shovel pass. He's kind of done everything. He's a screen guy. He's a very gifted athlete and they're going to try to put the football in his hands.