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New York Giants news and notes: Plax nears a NFL return, Eli refutes "dead arm" talk

Andy Lyons

Morning, everyone. You probably don't remember me, but I used to contribute to BBV every here and there about a year or so ago. I'm hoping to contribute some morning notebooks a couple times a week and see where that takes me. If, by chance, any of you are Wisconsin Badgers fans, you can find me much more frequently on Bucky's 5th Quarter.

As for Giants news, here are some links to get your Tuesday started with. Admittedly, I'm usually getting back up to speed with Giants news as I bide most of my time out in Madison for B5Q. With that in mind, this morning's first link harkens back to a couple years ago...

Plaxico Burress heading to Pittsburgh, may sign with Steelers |

I'll leave the jokes to you guys. Burress, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, is expected to take a physical and work out for the Steelers today. Schefter says Pittsburgh likely wouldn't order the physical without a desire to sign Burress, who has been a free agent all season long. Antonio Brown has been dealing with a sprained ankle, while Jerricho Cotchery was injured against the Ravens on Sunday night. Buress, 35, has been touting the work he's put in to stay in shape, and as you'll remember, he spent the first five years of his career in Pittsburgh.

Tuck Trying His Hardest to Avoid Jinxing the Irish |

This is a cool, albeit lighthearted, story on Justin Tuck's rooting interest (or somewhat of a lack thereof) in Notre Dame's national championship pursuit. Tuck attended the university from 2001 to 2004, but even as he found personal success -- the story notes his status as the NFL's most visible Notre Dame alum -- the team didn't fare so well, and that is one of his regrets.

Giants' Eli Manning throws live ball in practice, dismisses dead arm talk |

Eli continues to battle the accusations, or whatever term you want to use, of a dead arm. Following the bye, he reportedly had some good zip on his passes in Monday's practice. Naturally, Manning deflected the issue as an "expected product" of having the week off.

"I didn't think there was anything to it," Manning said Monday of the speculation that his arm was tired. "I still, in practices, thought I was throwing the ball well. I felt no fatigue. Obviously, sometimes during the course of the season you may not realize it, but today (my) arm felt good. (I) threw some deep ones and didn't have to struggle to get it out there. It was just coming out well."

NY Giants feel good coming off bye week, look to stop second-half swoon beginning Sunday against Green Bay Packers |

So Eli's arm isn't dead. Hakeem Nicks says he's nearly healthy. After getting "borderline cocky" over the past few weeks and dropping their last two games, all the Giants see is a six-game season ahead of them.