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Prince Amukamara, 11.02.12

Q: After playing a stellar wide receiver corps from Dallas, would you put Pittsburgh right up there with them?
A: For sure, talent-wise, but different kind of receivers. Last week the guys were bigger receivers. This week, speed.

Q: Antrel Rolle said these receivers were probably the fastest you've seen all year:
A: Yeah, for sure. On film, yeah. I'm sure they're going to be in person, too.

Q: Do speed receivers matchup well with what you guys do as a defensive unit?
A: I don't think our scheme is really geared towards any type of wide receivers, but our corners and our DBs are pretty quick, so speed doesn't really matter.

Q: Does Ben Roethlisberger make you have to cover for a little longer than usual with his ability to extend plays?
A: We kind of had that last week with Romo; he's that type of quarterback. He likes to get out the pocket and extend plays like you said, so that just means we have to stay on our guys that much longer.

Q: Where do you feel like you are as a secondary?
A: We don't know yet. We know where we're going and what we're trying to do, be one of the best defenses in the league, and for that, we have our running game almost where we want it to be, but our passing game does need work. We're just going to continue to try and improve on that.

Q: Did you and Jayron Hosley "learn" a lot from that Dallas game?
A: I can't speak for Jayron, but I know for me, it was just that one series. My coach told me to not let a bad play turn into a bad series. Miles Austin caught three consecutive balls in a row, but then after that, I think I had everything pretty much corrected. I think...just don't let a bad play linger on.