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Victor Cruz, 11.19.12

Q: What is this bye week going to do for your football team?
A: I think it's going to be good for us. We're getting everybody back fresh and we're getting everybody back with a good mindset; good physically as well as mentally. I think it's going to be good for our football team.

Q: Are you ready for this six-game stretch of games?

A: I'm definitely ready. Six games left, it's a six-game season. We've got a one-game lead and we just want to build up that and go off of that. We control our own destiny just like you always do, every year potentially at this time. We just have to continue to win.

Q: How did Eli Manning look today at practice?

A: He's good. He looked sharp. We were out there completing the football. We were on the same page; everybody was running good routes, lots of positive things. I'm excited to go out there on Sunday and put it on the field.

Q: Green Bay has won five in a row and is really clicking on all cylinders:

A: They're a good team. They got a good win this past Sunday so it's going to be good for us to go out there against a good-caliber team and really test where we are coming off the bye week. I'm excited for the challenge just like we are every week. It's going to be a good one.

Q: Did you get to take a look at what teams have been doing specifically against you?

A: Yeah, we took some different looks at it. We understand what most teams have been doing, what types of coverages are on me specifically. I think we got a good initial game plan so far of how to defeat it with different route combinations. Hopefully we can be successful and hopefully I'll continue to get myself open and catch the football.

Q: Are you excited about how good these next teams are that you're facing?
A: Most definitely. We're no stranger to having a tough schedule; it feels like we have a tough schedule every year. We'll just have to go in here with a good mindset and a good game plan and be able to execute on offense.