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New York Giants' news and notes: Sunday reading material

Reuben Randle
Reuben Randle
Al Bello

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is your morning notebook on an NFL Sunday without a Giants' game.

Giants' rookie receiver Rueben Randle looking to break out amid difficult season |
The team's second-round pick out of LSU has been up and down this season but could still provide a spark the team's sluggish passing attack could use in the stretch run.

Giants Rookie Will Hill Learns to Deal With Adversity and Prosperity -
Will Hill of the Giants, an undrafted rookie free-agent safety, is dealing with the residue of his undisciplined past.

Giants at the bye: Eli Manning hits a rough patch, depth a boon, return game struggling |
What has gone wrong, what's gone right, and outlook for the rest of the season

Giants will take same record as last season into playoffs -
The question for the Giants coming off their bye week and heading into the final six games of the season is not this: How do they win the NFC East title again?

It is this: How the heck do they not?

A year after the Giants won the division with a 9-7 record — and in some circles considered fraudulent first-place finishers, until they embarked on their Super Bowl run — it appears as if nine victories surely would do it again. The Giants, at 6-4, are the lone winning team in the NFC East, and they are on a two-game skid. If they go 3-3 the rest of the way against a gauntlet of a schedule, it will be virtually impossible for them not to repeat as division champs.