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New York Giants: Where the scouts are, bye week edition

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It's time for another installment of where the scouts are, courtesy of Chris Steuber @Chrissteuber on twitter. This week we know two games where the scouts are, even though they are not the sexiest games of the week, they are solid interesting-enough games. And with no Giants football on this weekend, what else are you going to watch anyway.

I've been updating my draft position rankings into a spreadsheet with comments on nearly every player, I'm hoping to get that out for you guys soon so you can get an idea of what's going on, but I haven't finished it yet. Anyway, the two games this weekend are the Virgina Tech and Boston College game. The name recognition is interesting because the Giants have a number of players from each team-the Giants drafted two players from Virginia Tech last year (Wilson and Hosley), and have a number of players that went to Boston College (Chris Snee, Mathias Kiwanuka, Mark Herzlich, and of course Tom Coughlin coached there).

The other game is the Miami Hurricanes and university of South Florida. Again the Giants have players from both of these schools. Miami-Antrel Rolle, Kenny Philips, Adewale Ojomo, Bruce Johnson was there as well. And The University of Southern Florida (Jason Pierre Paul, Jacquian Williams).

Virginia Tech Hokies

The biggest prospect name on Virginia Tech is obviously quarterback Logan Thomas, but he is likely of little interest to the Giants...unless he declares early and is available in the third round or something. He has all the physical tools, but none of the consistence you're looking for in a quarterback prospect.

The Hokies have a talented defensive end in James Gayle who is a nice prospect. 6'4 269 pounds and productive. Gayle, to me, is a very solid day two pick.

The defensive line class has the potential to be extremely deep, it will make sense for some teams to take two defensive ends within the first three rounds this year.

The Hokies also have a pair of intriguing wide receiver prospects in WR Corey Fuller and Marcus Davis. They are players to watch in today's game. Davis specifically has a chance to be a pre-draft process riser because of his terrific size speed combination.

Cornerback Kyle Fuller, offensive linemen Nick Becton and Andrew Miller and inside linebacker Bruce Taylor are the other viable Hokies prospects to look out for.

Boston College

Not much doing at Boston College. Offensive Linemen John Wetzel is a player to watch.

Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes are always a team to watch in terms of what the Giants look for in prospects (athletic freaks) because that seems to be the way that the Giants draft. There is an offensive linemen on the Hurricanes, Seantrel Henderson, whom was suppose to play his way into first round conversation this year, but he's a poor year. Cornerback Brandon Mcgee screams "Pick me, pick me, Giants!" Tall, lean and very athletic, a former top high school recruit, Mcgee has everything you look for on the field, but maybe not between the ears. He just has not been able to take the leap forward that he was suppose to and looks like a day three pick, though at the combine he might look like a much higher pick.

Running back Mike James, safety Vaughn Telemaque are also players to watch.

South Florida

South Florida has put a few players into the league recently, but don't really have anyone considered a definite draft-able player, perhaps defensive linemen Cory Grissom, he looks like a N.F.L. player and has made a number of splash plays. Other than though, not really a powerhouse in terms of draftable prospects for the 2013 NFL draft.

Use this post as an open thread to discuss all today's action. Stanford and Oregon, Oklahoma West Virginia, North Carolina State and Clemson, USC and UCLA, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are the best games of the week.