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New York Giants' news and notes: Brandon Jacobs, Martellus Bennett, David Wilson, more

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John Grieshop

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is your Friday morning notebook.

Brandon Jacobs: Tweet not about 49ers, Jim Harbaugh -
Brandon Jacobs is the latest to get caught by the Twitter monster. Kind of.

The San Francisco 49ers running back recently tweeted: "Never work in a place where you hate your boss so much, you should be happy at work #YouLiveAndYouLearn"

Of course, everyone thought Jacobs was talking about the 49ers or his coach, Jim Harbaugh. That thinking wouldn't be a stretch considering Jacobs has yet to be worked into the offense despite having recovered from a preseason ankle injury. Jacobs said he was referring to a situation his brother had to face.

"People automatically assume it has something to do with this (expletive) sport," Jacobs told Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. "It's not. It's not. I have different companies, and different businesses. I got a life on the outside of football."

TE Bennett becomes focus for opponents
Opponents are paying closer attention to TE Martellus Bennett after his hot start

David Wilson of New York Giants hasn’t made big impact on offense in his rookie season -
"Everybody wants to go out there and make plays. I’m just working hard. Whenever my number is called, I’ll be ready. I’m just learning as much as I can so when I go out there I’ll be ready."

Coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants wanted to use Wilson more in Sunday’s game at Cincinnati, but the early deficit into which they fell altered that plan. The Giants are ready to use Wilson to run, noting his explosiveness and the need for big plays in a slumping offense, but they have qualms about Wilson’s ability as a receiver, and more importantly, a pass protector.

Running backs coach Jerald Ingram said the predictability in Wilson’s usage has limited his time on the field.

"We can’t just throw David in a run and have everyone in the stands say ‘Oh, watch David right now.’ Everybody can figure that out," Ingram said. "David has to learn you can’t be just a runner. You have to be a complete running back. He’s in no different situation than when Brandon [Jacobs] was a rookie. Tiki [Barber] wasn’t going to let him on the field unless he knew how to protect the quarterback. It was all protection."

Signature Stat Snapshot: Tackle Efficiency |
Mike Renner looks at who the best and worst tackling linebackers have been this year.