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Sean Ryan, 11.13.12

Q: Eli said he's going to go out of town and not going to throw. Is this a good time to get away?
A: I think it's got to be good because that's the situation. It's the bye and I don't think it's going to hurt. As much as he'll get out of town and he'll take a break, anybody that knows him and has been around him, he'll think about things; what we've done well and what we need to improve. But a little rest and a little time away will not be a bad thing.

Q: Your thoughts on the idea that Eli has a tired arm?
A: No. I haven't seen that.

Q: Have you seen your relationship with him develop this year and how are you finding ways to help him?
A: I think in any working relationship it's a matter of trust and that comes through me bringing him information that he finds useful that's helping him and I think we've had a good building of that trust over the past six to eight months that we've been together and I think that's got to continue. Obviously, the last few weeks have not been as productive as they need to be. I think everybody is on the same page with that and I think we're at the point, the two of us, that we can talk about that honestly and talk about the solutions of what needs to happen and it's about execution and that's it. It's about us executing, working harder and being prepared to take on the next opponent and what challenges they bring. That's it.

Q: Are you the guy that can remind him that he can't hit the four-run homer with no one on base?
A: I don't know if I'm that guy. I mean, obviously, that's my job and I do it. Let me be clear on that. I'm not sure he needs that. He knows as soon as something like that happens, he knows and certainly he gets reminded of that in a lot of different ways from the head coach to obviously the offensive coordinator to me. So it's kind of one of those things that I know he knows it, but he's being reminded of those things all the time. Am I the only guy? No. Am I one within a link that has to handle that as part of my job? Absolutely.

Q: Have you ever been around a quarterback that was playing at a MVP level and then the last couple of weeks hasn't played so well?
A: When you get into a situation like this... I haven't examined other numbers that I've been around in that part of it. Certainly there has been a drop off in the level of production and I think that's evident to everyone. There are a lot of different reasons for it and I think it comes down to a matter of an entire offensive unit coming together and executing at a higher level and that's everyone. So as a quarterback group, we certainly play a big part in it and we're working and we'll get it right. That's it.