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Giants vs. Bengals: Five key plays

Andy Lyons

Often I like to do this post without any sort of brevity, but this week I'm sprinting through this or I might become enraged. In a game like this I could highlight 20 key plays that cost the Giants the game, so feel free to add yours.

No. 1 -- A.J. Green scores a touchdown on the first possession

No. 2 -- Giants have a penalty on a punt, then give up a huge punt return to Adam Jones

Steve Weatherford has a beautiful punt and puts the pressure on the Bengals offense to come all the way back down the field. Penalty. Giants punt again, Adam Jones eats the big white circle, breaks a few tackles, and munches his way down to the Giants 11-yard line. Touchdown three plays later.

No. 3 -- Giants are terrible in red-zone (Focus on Ahmad Bradshaw fumble in red-zone)

This is not one play, but basically it is. It's the same play every time. Every game the entire season thus far. The Giants get in the red-zone and then kick a field goal. The first three trips into the red-zone resulted in a field goal, field goal, fumble by Bradshaw. Three trips into the red-zone and the Giants scored 6 points! Ridiculous. (Technically, the Giants didn't start the Bradshaw fumble play in the red-zone but they did end there).

No. 4 -- Eli Manning throws his first pick

Bradshaw fumbled the football, but the defense picked the offense up and forced the Bengals to punt. Then Eli Manning threw a terrible pick to a defensive linemen, the Bengals followed that interception up with a touchdown and it was all down hill from there (even more so). And the game was basically over.

No. 5 -- Victor Cruz drops a sure touchdown on the best offensive play in three weeks.


Is this play not indicative of everything that has gone wrong with the Giants or not?

No. 6 -- Andy Dalton kneels the ball

And the game mercifully ends.

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