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New York Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants from 1-53, Week 11

Eli Manning remains No. 1 in our roster power rankings, but only because somebody has to be.
Eli Manning remains No. 1 in our roster power rankings, but only because somebody has to be.
Andy Lyons

It is time for this week's New York Giants' roster power rankings. We are ranking players from 1-53 on a cumulative scale. I have to tell you, this week was not easy. If I could have started around No. 20 it would have been fine. But, read on, argue all you want and I really am curious how some of you would structure your top 10 Giants.

1. Eli Manning -- Absolutely awful on Sunday. Really for the past two weeks, if not longer. I was wrong last week about Manning doing impersonations of Mark Sanchez. That's two in a row. Who else are you going to put here, however? LW: 1

2. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Because this is where he was last week. He certainly doesn't deserve to move up, and nobody played well enough to knock him down. LW: 2

[NOTE: I really, really wish I could skip from No. 2 to about No. 10 or No. 12. There are a lot of guys who deserve to be dropped, but holding true to the format I have established SOMEONE has to be placed in every spot, whether they actually deserve it or not.]

3. Victor Cruz -- If only he would start playing like a guy who really deserves this spot. Does anyone remember what a salsa dance in the end zone looks like? Maybe Cruz doesn't like the rough stuff he has been getting from opposing defenses, but he has to make plays for the Giants to win games. LW: 3

4. Will Beatty -- Gets this spot by default, basically. I am not real happy about putting anyone here. LW: 6

5. Linval Joseph -- Gets this spot based on his overall body of work, certainly not on Sunday's 'blah' performance. LW: 7

6. Hakeem Nicks -- Seems like I bounce Nicks around like a yo-yo in these rankings. He was one of the few Giants who was actually productive on Sunday, and he deserves to move up. LW: 14

7. Antrel Rolle -- Who else are you going to put here? LW: 8

8. Lawrence Tynes -- If it wasn't for Tynes the Giants might never score. LW: 5

9. Ahmad Bradshaw -- His playing time and number of carries has simply got to decrease. Right now, Andre Brown is more productive when he gets his opportunities. If Bradshaw is going to keep putting the ball on the ground, maybe he shouldn't be playing at all. LW: 9

10. Michael Boley -- Another cumulative ranking. He didn't do much on Sunday. LW: 9

11. Chase Blackburn -- Terrific game Sunday in his return to action. LW: 15

12. Stevie Brown -- Perry Fewell faulted Brown on the 56-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green, but the guy has done many more good things than bad ones for the Giants. LW: 10

13. Chris Snee -- Playing on a bad ankle, and it is affecting him. This is two sub-par weeks in a row for Snee. LW: 11

14. Prince Amukamara -- His body of work has been fine. Most of the big plays surrendered don't seem to involve Amukamara. LW: 16

15. Martellus Bennett -- Teams are paying more attention to Bennett these days, and his impact on the passing game is suffering. LW: 13

16. Justin Tuck -- Reverted to the invisible Tuck on Sunday. LW: 12

17. Osi Umenyiora -- His numbers are better than Tuck's overall. The only reason he is a spot below is that he has played 63 fewer snaps this season. LW: 17

18. Andre Brown -- Yes, his best running was done in garbage time Sunday. He has, however, earned the right to play more. LW: 22

19. David Baas -- Played well Sunday -- at least the Pro Football Focus numbers (+4.4) say he did. LW: 21

20. Kevin Boothe -- Geno Atkins is a phenomenal player and Boothe could not handle him. Atkins had four hits on Eli Manning and five hurries. LW: 20

21. Henry Hynoski -- Only 12 snaps Sunday, which wasn't his fault. No need for a fullback when the score is 31-6. LW: 19

22. Steve Weatherford -- Punted the tar out of the ball on Sunday, and for the past two weeks he has been the best tackler on the punt team. LW: 27

23. Corey Webster -- Fewell blamed Brown for the big play to Green on Sunday, but why is it that almost every time there is a big play against the secondary Webster is somehow involved in it? LW: 18

24. Domenik Hixon -- Injured Sunday and hasn't been a factor for a while. LW: 23

25. Rocky Bernard -- Has not played well since coming back from injury. LW: 25

26. David Diehl -- We will discuss him much more later, but he played better than you think on Sunday. LW: 30

27. Mathias Kiwanuka -- Where has the Kiwanuka we used to know gone? LW: 25

28. Chris Canty -- There was a guy wearing No. 99 Sunday. Who was it? LW: 28

29. Jayron Hosley -- The rookie has really struggled the past couple of weeks. LW: 29

30. Sean Locklear -- He shouldn't be down here, but he is because he isn't playing. LW: 26

31. Kenny Phillips -- Remember him? LW: 31

32. Markus Kuhn -- Too bad the young man's season is over. LW: 33

33. Reuben Randle -- A couple of nice punt returns, which was good to see. A pair of catches, although only for four yards. LW: 32

34. Ramses Barden -- The big man got 39 snaps on offense Sunday with Domenik Hixon down and the Giants trailing. Had two catches for 22 yards and was targeted three times. LW: 39

35. Spencer Paysinger -- Played 18 snaps on defense with Jacquian Williams and Keith Rivers down. LW: 43

36. David Wilson -- Couldn't catch kickoffs on Sunday. Couldn't communicate with Reuben Randle. Had no place to run when he did get the ball. Is an untrusted non-factor on offense, LW: 35

37. Bear Pascoe -- Played only two snaps on Sunday. No word on whether his ankle was a factor in that. LW: 34

38. Will Hill -- A fumble recovery in his return to action on special teams. LW: Unranked

39. Mark Herzlich -- Back to the bench. LW: 36

40. Zak DeOssie -- Not much to say. LW: 37

41. Justin Tryon -- A costly special teams penalty on Sunday. LW: 41

42. Travis Beckum -- He's playing in the game. He isn't actually doing anything, but at least he's playing. LW: 46

43. Jacquian Williams -- Remember when he used to play? LW: 40

44. Tyler Sash -- LW: 42

45. Adrian Tracy -- At least he gets to dress most weeks. LW: 47

46. Marvin Austin -- Did not dress on Sunday. LW: 45

47. Keith Rivers -- Can't stay on the field. LW: 44

48. David Carr -- LW: 48

49. Jim Cordle -- LW: 49

50. Jerrel Jernigan -- LW: 50

51. James Brewer -- LW: 51

52. Adrien Robinson -- LW: 52

53. Adewale Ojomo -- LW: 53