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Perry Fewell, 11.12.12

Q: No sacks against the Bengals; was it a lack of production or great game planning from Cincinnati?
A: A lack of production. We just didn't get home. We didn't have a great game up front. The ball came out quick; they did some things that kind of offset our pass-rush, but that's no excuse. We expect our guys to get home.

Q: Was it a miscommunication between Stevie Brown and Corey Webster on their first touchdown?
A: Stevie Brown should've been over the top, half-field coverage. He saw (the) number two (receiver) block, he bit on the run fake, he's secondary force in that coverage and he just let his coverage responsibility go.

Q: Corey played his assignment right?
A: He played his assignment, but you would expect a veteran like that to say, "he's not there," and he realize he wasn't there, and to keep running and continue on the play.

Q: Two mistakes on one play?
A: Two mistakes on one play.

Q: Is it frustrating when the calls you make are not executed the way they should be and you give up big plays?
A: Oh, it's very frustrating. We work hard at trying to set up certain things versus certain formations and that type of thing, and to have success, so it can be frustrating.

Q: Are players just making crazy mistakes or trying to do too much?
A: Yes. It's a game of inches and it's a game of steps. Within those inches and steps, we didn't do what we should've been doing and they capitalized on our mistakes. You're exactly right on your analogy there. The thing that's frustrating for the players is they don't know why they didn't do what they were supposed to.

Q: Antrel Rolle said "Guys' heads weren't in the game." Did you feel that?
A: No, you'd have to ask him. You'd have to get an explanation from him because we had a great week of practice, I felt like. Obviously, we have to a better job of practicing, but I felt like we had a good week of preparation, so I didn't see that or feel that.

Q: Were you happy about your improvement against the run?
A: I wasn't happy with any aspect of what happened yesterday, so that was not a performance that we should be happy about in any aspect. I expect us to play better and I expect us to be better.

Q: Does this late bye week put you at a disadvantage at all?
A: Actually, I think it's a good time for me because for me, I get a chance to look at us as a whole, and concentrate on us as a whole, and look at why some things broke down, and maybe is it terminology? What is it? Me? Is it the players? What's happening for us to break down like we're breaking down at times? I think it's a good time for me to step back, catch my breath, look at us as a whole and try to find out how we can improve our defense and how we can get better.

Q: Can you be a good defense?
A: Oh yeah, we definitely can be a good defense. All the makings are there. We're not consistent. We've shown at times that we can be a good defense, but we're not a consistent defense. That's what we're striving for, to be a consistent defense. I think that if we can obviously pull together, which we will, and be more consistent with what we do, that we can finish strong.

Q: When Kenny Phillips comes back, can you go back to some three-safety looks with Stevie Brown and Antrel Rolle?
A: We like to think we can. Obviously, we'd like to get Kenny back to practicing and see how we can incorporate that package. That's in my plans. That was in my plans a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking forward to when he can come back and we can actually put that together.

Q: How much have you missed Kenny?
A: We miss Kenny more than what you realize. Kenny is really a good matchup with the tight ends that we've been trying to defend the last couple of weeks, so we miss him in more ways than one. Not only in the post or in the half, but his athletic talent to cover a guy like Jason Witten or (Jermaine) Gresham that we had to play yesterday or some of the tight ends that we've faced. It's a big loss when you have a talented player like that.

Q: Is there a common theme to the breakdowns on defense?
A: I would say mental errors and then sometimes players get a key, or get a tip, and see something that they thought they saw, but it really didn't happen. So they jump at something, and they let a coverage responsibility go.

Q: You have always been able to "hang your hat" on one key aspect on defense, is it confusing not having one consistent feature on defense?
A: We haven't been consistent at either run-game or pressure-game. We haven't developed that consistency that you like to see at this point in the season.

Q: Do you think you need to make some changes up front?
A: We did that yesterday a little bit. I thought they had a good answer for what we did. That's not saying that we won't continue to do that. I'm always looking to tinker and however we can get more pressure with the people that are talented rushers. We used Adrian Tracy a little bit yesterday in our package. We used (Mathias) Kiwanuka a little bit more in our package yesterday. As more guys get healthier and start coming to the fold, we'll do different things to be successful.

Q: If Kenny is back there, you might have a little bit more comfort?
A: Yes. Yes, that's all part of it. You mentioned Kenny Phillips, and Jacquian Williams is a guy that we count on to be a good cover guy. That's what he's displayed to us in the previous year. Obviously trying to get him back and get him up to speed fast. Some of the key guys that we count on to contribute to our football team have been on the sideline.

Q: With Markus Kuhn possibly out for the year, his small role will be missed?
A: He plays a big role. Markus Kuhn's done a really nice job. Nobody really talks about him and that's good, because he just comes in and does his job. That's probably why you don't talk about him, because he's done his job.

Q: Will Marvin Austin kind of have to step up now?
A: Yeah, we have to look at the next man up and Marvin is the next man up. We hope that Marvin can come in and contribute. Markus played anywhere from 10-15 plays and those 10-15 plays he would take off Chris Canty, or Rocky Bernard, or Linval Joseph, were key plays that he didn't really make a lot of mistakes. He was very solid in what he was doing. Before he exited the game yesterday, Markus had a pass breakup. I think if you look, he might have two, three, four pass breakups that nobody mentions.