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Markus Kuhn injury: Coughlin says rookie tackle tore ACL

Rookie defensive tackle Markus Kuhn has apparently suffered a torn ACL and will be lost for the remainder of the season.


The season is apparently for Markus Kuhn. Tom Coughlin told reporters Monday that Kuhn apparently suffered a torn ACL during Sunday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

"That's sad. That poor kid's got an ACL, I believe," Coughlin said this afternoon.

"I haven't seen anything really official," Coughlin said. "I shouldn't have spoken. I haven't talked to the doctors or Ronnie, but [Markus] did just walk in and I believe that's what he mentioned."

The rookie defensive tackle, a seventh-round pick, has been a pleasant surprise for the Giants this season. Due to injuries to Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard and Marvin Austin, Kuhn played much more than might have been anticipated. He showed strength and athleticism, and will finish his rookie season with eight tackles, four solo.

With Canty and Bernard healthy again, Kuhn's role had been limited the past couple of weeks. Still, his loss will be a blow to the depth at defensive tackle.