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New York Giants: Where the Scouts Are and College Football Open Thread


The New York Giants front office has work to do that extends beyond the Sunday game. Each week, Chris Steuber has tweeted out @chrissteuber, or posted on his site, where he's hearing the Giants scouts are. Last night I checked his time line to discover the Giants are going to be in attendance for four confirmed games, plus whatever games we don't know about.

Because I"m going to a wedding today I'm not going to have a long post, just basically the games hey are attending.

Miami Hurricanes and Virginia Cavaliers

The name to watch here, and one of my own personal favorite Giants targets is Virginia tackle Oday Aboushi. Offensive line, for the first time in awhile could ve very good at the top of the draft.

Kansas State and Texas Christian University are playing today and the Giants will be in attendance.

Arizona State and USC Trojans are playing today. USC is very talented and has players to watch, defensive end Wes Horton is one such player.

Wake Forest and North Carolina State is the last game we now know about.

North Carolina State defensive back David Amerson is a guy to watch. The question with him is can he play cornerback at the NFL level or is he going to be a safety conversion project like former Ohio State Buckeyes and first round pick Malcolm Jenkins?

Hopefully some of other draft aficionados can give you some more insight into the players playing today.

Follow me on twitter @NFLmocks and enjoy all the action today.