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Antrel Rolle, 11.01.12

Q: Were you concerned after the game with what these tests might show?
A: No. I wasn't really concerned. I knew what I was feeling at the moment. I just got dinged up a little bit, but fully aware of what was going on, of where I was and everything like that. I'm back out here.

Q: Has that happened before?
A: Yeah. It's happened to me before. I went through the right protocol to make sure everything was okay and right back to work.

Q: What did you do?
A: I was trying to avoid the collision once I saw him... I saw the ball was falling and I just tried to avoid him. I didn't want to get any penalties because I was coming. I was coming to do damage and once I saw that he wasn't catching the ball, I was trying to do my best to avoid him. My foot hit Webby as I was going down, so it kind of messed up my fall a little bit and had me all out of whack. But I'm all right.

Q: Did you have a concussion?
A: To be honest, I don't know what it was. I just know I was dinged up at the moment, but for whatever it was, we had to go through and make sure we went through the right protocol. I saw the doctors. I went through the tests and everything and I'm back out here to work.

Q: Was yesterday the day you went through all those tests?
A: I've been going through it after the game, yesterday, today.

Q: Do they still have to do more?
A: They're just going to keep ... , but as of right now I'm OK.

Q: How strong are you guys now with Kenny Phillips ready to come back and Stevie Brown playing well and you playing?
A: We're well. We're well like in the back end. It's always great to have Kenny back. I'm looking forward to having him back, looking forward to him making plays in this defense as he always does and just ready to go out there and play come Sunday.

Q: Can you play some of those three-safety looks that you did last year?
A: I think we can do whatever we want to do at this point. It's not our call to make as players. It's just our job to do whatever we're assigned to do, whatever we're told to do and that's all we're going to continue to do.

Q: The Cowboys had a lot passing plays against you. When you look back on that, why do you think that was the case?
A: I don't know. You always have to win the one-on-one matchup. Other than that, I don't know.