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Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.01.12

Q: Was today your "day to practice" for this week?
A: Yeah, I guess. We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

Q: I know you've done it before, but how different is it practicing once a week compared to a full-load?
A: Like you said, I've done it before.

Q: Have you noticed a struggle in the running game in recent weeks?
A: No. Defense is giving us different looks and we play how they play us. It's nothing different up front; same play calls. (It) just depends how the defense plays and what they give us.

Q: Have you seen defenses key-in on the run more against you guys recently?
A: No, I haven't.

Q: Has it been frustrating to only be able to practice once a week?
A: No, it's not frustrating. We just don't want that because it betters me to practice. If it doesn't happen, I know this offense (well) enough to be okay and if it does, then I'll be a little better for the following Sunday.

Q: Do you think the Bye Week will be good for your recovery?

A: We have to get there first. It's not about the bye right now, it's about Pittsburgh. Let's win, so we can have a good bye. You're asking too early.

Q: Are you guys leaning on each other with this storm?
A: Oh yeah. We're taking care of each other. Hopefully, we can take care of New York and it will be a good Sunday for everybody. We need to get everybody through this storm, this weather and everything else; get through this month and get back to normal. Hopefully, our wins and our success helps.

Q: How seriously are you going to take that responsibility on behalf of New York?

A: We feel like we can spark New York; just what we do, what we've done, I think we can also help everybody in New York and New Jersey that's going through this.

Q: You heard about the importance of the Saints after Hurricane Katrina:
A: Exactly.

Q: I don't know if people will have power to even watch the game Sunday:
A: That too. Go to a bar.

Q: Go to Buffalo Wild Wings...
A: Go to my house.