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Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham: Hello, old friends

When the Giants face the San Francisco 49ers former Giants Brnadon Jacobs and Mario Manningham will be on the other side.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Brandon Jacobs has yet to carry the football in a regular-season game for the San Francisco 49ers. Somehow, though, you just know the opinionated former New York Giants' running back will be a big part of the story -- if not the game itself -- leading up to Sunday's Giants-49ers game at Candlestick Park.

The game, of course, reunites Jacobs and Mario Manningham with the team they helped win a Super Bowl last season.

Since the week will be all about Brandon, we figured we would get you started with a couple of reactions from Giants' players when asked about Giants and Manningham on Tuesday. There will be plenty more this week, and we will try to keep abreast of it in this Brandon Jacobs StoryStream.

Bradshaw, 'big brother' Jacobs to reunite - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

When Brandon Jacobs elected to sign with the San Francisco 49ers in the offseason, Ahmad Bradshaw didn't just lose a teammate -- he lost his "big brother."

So Bradshaw is thrilled about the chance to reunite with Jacobs again next Sunday when the Giants head out West to take on the 49ers in a rematch of last season's NFC title game.

"I mean, of course I miss him," Bradshaw said after rushing for a career-high 200 yards and a touchdown in his team's 41-27 victory over the Browns. "On and off the field, he was a brother to me, Brandon was."

Rolle: No 'patting on butt' of ex-Giants - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

Giants safety Antrel Rolle is looking forward to seeing Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham on Sunday in San Francisco.

But Rolle won't exchange pleasantries with his former teammates once the game starts. "It is going to be good to see those guys and play against them," Rolle said in his weekly spot on WFAN radio. "We are all great friends off the field. On the field ... if that means bring the noise, then so be it, we are definitely going to bring the noise.

"We will hug and shake hands after the game," Rolle continued. "But during that game time, there won't be any patting on the butt."