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Antrel Rolle, 10.08.12

Q: How much better do you have to be on Sunday than you were this week?
A: We've always got to get better. That's the way we play, that's the way we live, that's how we approach the game. We always got to get better each and every week and never be complacent.

Q: Can you not get away with some of the mistakes from yesterday against a team like the 49ers?
A: We won't know that until the game is played, but our goal is never to go into a game with mistakes but, obviously, they're going to happen on both sides of the field and we just got to get better each and every week, prepare and come out to a faster start and an even better start.

Q: The best way to describe the way you played is good spurts and some not so good spurts. Is it the injuries and the substitutions that are creating that or is it just still trying to figure it out?
A: We don't hang our head on injuries. It's just as far as execution. We've been an up and down team, it's not something that we're proud of, but we're 3-2 and trying and looking to get better each and every week.

Q: Will walking back on that field on Sunday bring back some interesting memories for you?
A: I've played their a number of times in my life, so I'm just going to play the game for this Sunday. That's the only significance of this season and that's where we're going to go and we're going to attack it as. Go in there and try and get another win.

Q: Most of those guys from last year are back. What do you remember about that game and what kind of game do you think it's going to be based on what you know?
A: One of the toughest games I've ever played, hands down. A great offense as well as a great defense and it seems to be even clicking a lot better their second year under Jim Harbaugh and they present a lot of great things. They're a very effective unit.

Q: You think they've had this game circled for a while?
A: I don't think so. I think they attack it the same way we're attacking it. We play and we focus on the team that we have here and this is the matchup this week.

Q: Are you surprised how they started this season after the game last year? They seem to be playing at an even higher level.
A: I wouldn't expect anything from that group. They're a very talented group. They came down to the wire with us. I only expect them to get better. I think under Jim Harbaugh, I don't think that team is going to be allowed to slack off, especially after the performance they put on last year. I think they can only get better and continue to get better from this point on.

Q: It looks like they made an effort to get a little more diverse on offense.
A: Absolutely. I think they did definitely address the offense issues, getting Alex Smith some more weapons and very creative in what they're doing with the offense side of the ball. Putting up 600-yards, that's not easy against any opponent in the NFL. So they're a great football team.