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Andre Brown injury: Running back has concussion

Andre Brown has a concussion. Could that lead to a bigger role on offense for David Wilson?

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When Andre Brown fielded a kickoff deep in the end zone and began to run it out Sunday with the New York Giants trailing 14-0 early in the first quarter you could quickly sense that nothing good was about to happen.

Well, nothing good did happen. Brown was slammed to the MetLife Stadium turf at the 8-yard line and never returned to the game. Monday, coach Tom Coughlin confirmed the obvious. Brown has a concussion.

"He probably should've known that the timing of the return was not going to be very good and stayed in," Coughlin said.

Brown's injury, of course, led the Giants to ride the hot hand of Ahmad Bradshaw, who ended up with a career-best day of 30 carries for 200 yards.

How long the concussion will sideline Brown has yet to be determined. It is, however, a tough blow for a player who starred for two weeks while Bradshaw was sidelined.

If Brown is sidelined Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers or longer, that could open the door for rookie David Wilson to get more carries. Wilson, of course, had a 40-yard touchdown run Sunday on one of the two carries he received.