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Reasons to Celebrate: New York Giants' rookies are Week 5 unsung heroes

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After a rocky start to the Week 5 game, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, and Ahmad Bradshaw led the way for the New York Giants in their 41-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns yesterday. Some of the unsung heroes out of this game, however, were the rookies.

Rueben Randle made some headlines during the week leading up to the game, but they weren't very nice ones. NBC Sunday Night Football announcer Cris Collinsworth made comments about the Giants questioning Randle's work ethic. The comments, however, did not bother the rookie.

"All we worry about is what is going on inside the building," said Randle. "What is said on the outside can't really affect us. We are one team and as long as we know what is going on around here I think that's all that matters."

Manning went out of his way during the week to spend alone time with Randle watching film of the Browns' defense and going over strategies. "He texted me. He said he was going to be watching film and I should come join him so I said I would be in there with him," said Randle. "We went in there and watched a lot of their blitzes and third down things like that just to be on the same page."

Randle had six receptions for 82 yards, his longest for 36. Randle showed off his speed and ability to get his hands on the ball on tough throws, and at the same time he silenced his critics. Randle, however, doesn't look at his play against the Browns anything special.

"It felt pretty good," said Randle. "I just came and did my job. It wasn't anything special, just an opportunity came that I could take advantage of."

Last week, Giants' first-round pick David Wilson put on an impressive show in kickoff returns. This week he reached a personal milestone.

Wilson had just two carries in Sunday's game, one of which was a 40-yard rush for his first career touchdown. "It's electric the way the crowd reacts," said Wilson. "Screaming, and everything, the teammates are celebrating with me, and it was a good first one."

Wilson was electrified by his first touchdown and celebrated with a backflip. However, he praised the work of the offensive line and fullback Henry Hynoski for even giving him the opportunity for his milestone.

"The way it opened up, the line did an excellent job," said Wilson. "I think Ahmad [Bradshaw] for getting tired and coming out of the game. They put me in and I just took advantage of it. I know I've been blessed with speed. Anytime I get to use my speed, I'm going to use it. The offensive line and my fullback did a great job, and I just cut off my fullback Henry. Next thing you know I'm in the end zone."

One rookie that probably had the quietest successful game on Sunday was Will Hill. He finished the day with four tackles (all solo) and two forced fumbles.

The Giants play the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET

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