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David Wilson, 10.07.12

Q: What was it like, being a part of this offensive performance in the way that you were?
A: It was good. I had one carry, and then, I just had to do what I had to do to get the yards that I could. The next carry came late in the game, and I just used my speed to get through.

Q: What did it mean to you to have such a big carry?
A: The way it opened up, the line did an excellent job. I thank Ahmad (Bradshaw) for getting tired, and coming out of the game. They put me in, and I just took advantage of it.

Q: It seems like there's a mentality here where the back-ups just step up. Why is that such a permeating mentality for this locker room?
A: We just go out there every week and fight hard. Last week was last week, and each week is a new week. So, you come in and we prepare that way, and we're always prepared to go out there on Sundays or whenever our game is and perform our best.

Q: You're getting more adjusted and acclimated every week?
A: Yeah. It comes with experience. The more and more you're around the offense, the more comfortable you get, the more you start playing like yourself. Of course, a year from now, I'll be even more acclimated.

Q: As that play's developing, did you realize that this is going to be it? ‘This is going to be my first touchdown?'
A: Yeah. I just looked through it, and the defensive players had some angles, but I used my God-given ability to get me through. I just lifted my knees up, next thing you know, I'm standing in the end zone.

Q: Finally, when that moment happens, how does it feel?
A: It's electric with the way the crowd reacts. Screaming, and everything, the teammates are celebrating with me, and it was a good first one.

RE: Wanting the game ball that Wilson scored with.
A: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ahmad came and got it for me. I was looking for it, and he had it in his hands. So, he was looking out for me.

Q: When did you know that you were gone?
A: I know I've been blessed with speed. So, any time I get to use it, I'm going to use it.

Q: The second you got through the line, did you know?
A: Yeah. The line did an excellent job blocking it up.

Q: Could you go over the play, itself? What you saw?
A: Like I said, I just saw it open up. Any time I get to use my speed, I'm going to use it. The offensive line and my fullback did a great job, and I just cut off my fullback, Henry (Hynoski). Next thing you know, I'm in the end zone.

Q: I saw you were looking for that football after the score. How special is it to get your first NFL touchdown?
A: I was just talking to Adrien (Robinson) before the game, another rookie, the rookie tight end, that I've never played a season in my life without scoring a touchdown. Now, I can continue to say that.

Q: As you were watching Ahmad run through gaping holes, were you just sitting there saying, ‘let me get out there. I can break one, too?'
A: Yeah, and for the moment, I was just cheering him on. The next thing you know, he's patting his helmet, saying he's tired. Unfortunately, Andre Brown wasn't out there with us today, and I was the next guy. So, they gave me the carry, and I took advantage.

Q: Do you think you can turn this into something more in terms of more carries, and a bigger role in the offense?
A: That's up to the coaches. Whenever they put me out there, I'll definitely do my job.