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Chase Blackburn, 10.07.12

Q: You have probably heard this already, but do slow starts, especially at home, concern the guys?
A: Yeah, it's almost like we like the fans to boo first, before we get going. It kind of gets us motivated and fortunately, we don't want to do that too often, we don't want to start in a 14 point hole very often. We just have to get a faster start and play better and we'll be alright.

Q: Especially next week.
A: No doubt about it. They have a great football team and we have to move on and look forward.

Q: How about the way you guys, you and Stevie Brown in particular, bounced back.
A: It was good. It was nice for us to be able to come back and make a couple plays because it wasn't my best game. I had some things that I needed to adjust a little bit and make better plays and tackle in the middle of the field a little bit better, so it was nice to make a play like that and to make the interception in the end zone to kind of redeem yourself a little bit. Just like Stevie, he was able to come back and bounce back and finish strong.

Q: It's a 60 minute game, but do you almost feel like that sixty-nine seconds where he had the interception, you scored a touchdown, you recovered a fumble, do you almost feel like that is where the game was won?

A: Oh, definitely. Big plays, momentum changing plays. That's what this game is about. College level, high school level, NFL level, it's just the way it is.

Q: How were you able to keep your poise down 14-0?
A: That's what you do. We know what we're capable of, we know what this team's about, the resilience that we have, the character we have, so there is no reason to panic.

Q: There was no ... speech. There was no yelling, "let's go"?
A: No, it was , "hey, settle in." We trust in our offense, it's just the way it is. Our offense is going to put up points one way or another, whenever it comes, and our defense just had to continue to press and make things happen. On the defensive side, we knew we were going to get a couple turnovers, it was just the matter of time.

Q: Does 14-0 make you think "what is going on here?"
A: Not really. We knew exactly what happened with those two. We had a fumble early, got backed up, had two runs that weren't in the best situation and we didn't fit up quite right , we ran a little differently. The big play, we had one breakdown and that's 14 points. That's how it happens in this league. Big play offenses and for us it was just a matter of settling in on the sideline. We got together and knew that when our offense is capable, we're going to put up points, we just had to settle in as a defense and get some stops strung together.

Q: What did it mean for you to make the interception that kind of sealed the game ...?
A: It was great, I mean honestly anytime you can make a big play to help the team win, you enjoy it. It should have never happened at fourth and three, if I had made a play there, I wouldn't have even had that interception. Thank the Lord he gave me the opportunity to make up and redeem myself a little bit.