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Domenik Hixon, 10.07.12

Q: I guess this stretch is your most consistent time at wide receiver. Do you feel like you're getting into a nice rhythm with Eli with Hakeem Nicks out on the shelf?
A: Yeah, I feel blessed to be out there running around and living the dream. I'm having fun out there. We got a big win today.

Q: Are you and Eli on the same page after every play?
A: Yeah, I think so. I was out for a little bit, he never forgot about me and right in stride.

Q: What does it say about this team that you now have some balance? Do you feel you can build on this heading into San Francisco?
A: For sure. We went up against a team today, very young but very talented, and did well. It didn't start the way we wanted to, but we did finish the game.

Q: Were there any questions in your mind about Rueben's work ethic? Did he have to prove that to you guys?
A: To me, as a young guy, you have to prove it everyday. Our room is tough. We don't let guys get away with things and so, everyday, we want to prove to each other that we've got that work ethic.

Q: How do you strike that balance that you want to show a little tough love to show the young guys what life in the NFL is like, but at the same time nurture him so he does develop?
A: I think just to be on him. We're on all the rookies and all the young guys because you're going to be called upon at some point in time and have a huge role and we need you. We're on them, but then at the same time, there's a good balance between being on them and showing them that team love, team unity.

Q: When Rueben is having a week that he has to answer questions about his work ethic, what does it say about him to come out and have the performance he did today?
A: It says a lot and we're on him everyday. We're on each other everyday just to continue that work ethic and continue to grind and I'll say come tomorrow, nothing changes. We'll be right back at it working hard and we'll have to prove it again.

Q: Did you sense that he wanted to come out and play well?

A: You know what Rueben... I don't know if you can tell by his demeanor, but he's just a mellow guy. We kind of joke with him and stuff that nothing get's him rattled and never too high or never too low type deal and just a real mellow guy and he goes out there and he works.