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Rueben Randle, 10.07.12

Did you feel like Eli was picking on Buster Skrine all day?
Yeah I think so. Once you have a rhythm going you can see that you are knocking down the confidence of a DB you have to keep going at him. I think that is something you learn early in football.

The big play down the left sideline before Ahmad Bradshaw's touchdown?
Just the corner kind of sat and I converted outside of him. It was cover-two so we were able to get the play on them.

What does it mean to be able to step up in a big spot?
It felt pretty good. I just came in and did my job. It wasn't anything special, just an opportunity came that I could take advantage of.

When someone comes out and takes a shot at you like this past week do you come out and feel like you have something to prove?
Not really. All we worry about it is what is going on inside the building. What is said on the outside can't really affect us. We are one team and as long as we know what is going on around here I think that's all that matters.

When you come out with a performance like that does it feel a little bit better?
I guess it just proves what I can do, without a doubt. I just wanted to come out and just prove my ability to my coaching staff and my teammates.

Does having a quarterback like Eli Manning make it easier on wide receivers like yourself?
It is always great to have a great quarterback, somebody that is going to put the ball there. It does make the job much easier when you have someone throwing as accurate as Eli. I think it plays a little bit of a role but what it all boils down to is it really shouldn't matter who is the quarterback, you just have to go out there and make the plays.

Is that why you had to try to figure out how to prepare? Is that part of being a rookie?
Yeah, that is part of being a rookie, you have to learn. That's why you have the older guys here to take strides from them and then with those guys just continue to build.

Does Eli let you know what to expect in a game like this?
Yes. He has a lot of knowledge of the game and he knows what he wants to do and that is why the receivers have to be on the same page as our quarterback. We want to go out there and succeed.

Did it kind of unfold the way he described it?
Pretty much. He throws a little wrinkle in there now and then but for the most part it is.

Was this week the first time you met with him one-on-one?
Yeah that was the first time.

How did that come about?
He texted me. He said he was going to be watching film and I should come join him so I said I would be in there with him. We went in there and watched a lot of their blitzes and third down things like that just to be on the same page.

When was this?
I think it was Thursday.

How long was it?
It was about 25 minutes, 25 to 30 minutes. Just watching little clips and talking about how we should read certain things.

Was he telling you what coverages to anticipate?

Was he dead on?
Yeah pretty much.