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Victor Cruz, 10.07.12

Considering how you guys started today, what did you think of the way it ended?
I thought it ended perfectly. If you ask me, I think we came out after a rough start and we executed and understood exactly how to attack their defense and we came through and played well.

What do you think it says about Eli Manning and the chemistry that you two have together?
It says a lot. It says that we are out there on the same page. We are out there understanding what we are seeing throughout the weeks of practice, in those meeting rooms, understanding what is going on and it really shows come game time.

Are you impressed by the way you guys have worked together when you are missing other receivers?
Yeah, well we have Rueb (Rueben Randle), the rookie, coming in and (Domenik) Hixon has been here a while so he understands it. We definitely hold him accountable. He understands exactly what is going on. He is a veteran and then myself it is just a matter of coming in, stepping in, whoever is ready to play is going to play and we showed ourselves well today.

Where does catching three touchdowns go in your personal highlight reel?
It goes pretty high, it goes pretty high. I was just happy to be out there and be somebody that Eli can count on. I was able to come through with some big plays today so it felt good.

Do you get the touchdowns because of seniority?
I guess so. I guess it was just the open man at the right time. A couple things were dialed up for me and I was just able to make a play.

Were you able to use play-action to pick on Buster Skrine a little bit?
Not necessarily, but I guess the way it all panned out, I guess that is kind of how it happened. We were throwing his way a little bit. I think it was just throwing to the open man. Eli doesn't... at least he won't tell us that he likes to pick on certain people, but as long as you are getting open he is going to find you.

How did the play-action work to score the touchdowns?
It kind of brought the defense up a little bit and I was able to make a good move on the defender in front of me and get myself open the first two times and then the last one was just a good move to the outside. It was just a matter of using the play call to my advantage and making a good move to get open.