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Eli Manning, 10.07.12

Q: You were down 14-0, can you talk about how the team managed not to panic at all?
A: We've been down 14-0 with five or six minutes left to go in a game and we've been able to rally back, so we knew that with 55 minutes left we had plenty of time. It's obviously not the way you want to start, but we never get down or frustrated or start to panic. We were able to put some good drives together offensively. We didn't force things and took what the defense had given us. The defense got us some turnovers and special teams got us a turnover. We were able to take advantage of that and get touchdowns, and guys made some big plays for us.

Q: How about the young guys stepping up today?
A: We needed some young guys to definitely step up. Rueben Randle made some great plays for us and did some good things. That's obviously what we've expected of him and it's good to see it. He took some shots, took some hits, stayed tough and played well and that was exciting. I thought our offensive line played outstanding. They really dominated the line of scrimmage in the running game and in the passing game.

Q: What about the day that Victor Cruz was able to have today?
A: With three touchdowns he did a great job. Teams are trying to take him away some by double-teaming him and doing some different things, but he finds a way to get open. He has a great feel for what teams are trying to do, so he adjusts his route and runs it differently to get open. He's doing a great job at learning and getting better each week, but I thought all of our receivers and tight ends did a great job of getting open today.

Q: How about after the early fumble by Bradshaw, did you say anything to him?
A: No, things happen. Fumbles happen even though you don't like them. My pregame talk today was all about starting fast so that obviously got thrown out the window pretty early, they didn't listen to me on that, but we were able to fight back into the game. With our guys you don't need to say things like that. They don't say anything to me if I make a bad play. We know Ahmad is strong and that he's going to fight back and end up having a big day for us.

Q: Ahmad ran for 200 yards, have you ever seen him run that well?
A: He made some big runs. He made some guys miss. The offensive line, tight ends and fullbacks were all doing a great job opening up some holes and giving him an opportunity. If you give him a little crack, he can make something happen, so that's fun to see. When our offense can do that, when we can run the ball like that, it can make us very dangerous as an offense.

Q: That play to Randle just before the half when you threw it down the sideline, was that designed to draw pass interference or were you trying to get out of bounds?
A: We were trying to get it out of bounds. We threw something down the sideline expecting that they were going to play some sort of zone cover but they ended up playing man-to-man on him; so we faked running a post and went to the corner hoping that he was going to catch it and get out of bounds. Obviously pass interference is even better so we'll take that. It was a good job getting three points right before the half.