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Tom Coughlin, 10.05.12

Q: With Rocky Bernard out, what adjustments do you make at tackle?
A: We play with what we have.

Q: More Kuhn and more Austin?
A: If that's what we have...Yes.

Q: Maybe Tuck and JPP more on the inside?
A: Maybe.

Q: Are you concerned about Snee?
A: We'll see, we'll keep monitoring his progress and we'll see.

Q: Thoughts on Kuhn:
A: He's done okay, he's done okay. He's a good, young prospect. He works hard, he's physical. He's done alright.

Q: Will you activate Sash this week?
A: We'll see.

Q: Nicks was jogging a little bit, is he feeling better?
A: He's getting there, I think. He, mentally, feels better, that's for sure.

Q: Would short-term IR be a realistic option for Phillips?
A: At this point, no. We do think he'll be ready prior to that.

Q: Nicks is mentally better?
A: He feels like he's getting there.

Q: How important is it for the secondary that is healthy to stay healthy?
A: (laughs) It's kind of important that they stay healthy, yeah. They have to play well. Obviously you're playing against a team that throws the ball 40 times a game. They're very talented in the receiver area. We'll have to play well.

Q: Prince is one of the healthier ones now, how much do you expect from him?
A: Always expect them to play their best.

Q: There's been a lot of talk about Randle, but what's Jernigan's role right now?
A: He has a role as well.

Q: Thoughts on Barden's injury after a great game at Carolina and his history of being injured just when he starts to make a contribution?
A: Well, I'm sure it's very disappointing for him, and very disappointing to us. Hopefully he'll be back next week.

Q: Thoughts on your team's depth being tested:
A: It's well tested. As we always say, it's a great opportunity for the next guy. He's going to have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do. Here we go.

Q: Thoughts on your message to not overlook this 0-4 team:
A: There's none of that (overlooking). We don't pay any attention to that. My message was to respect them for what they have accomplished, which is a lot. With a lot of young players that have played hard, played well, been in every game, and the players see it. I show it to them on tape when I talk about those things.

Q: What does Spencer Paysinger provide on defense?
A: He can run, he's physical, he's smart. Same type of things you see on his special teams' play, which has been very good.

Q: Could you use some of your ends on the inside more often?
A: Possibly. Yeah, that was asked, and I said possibly.

Q: Has Marvin Austin knocked off the rust since coming back?
A: He's got work to do. He's got a ways to go. Each week he gets a little bit better and his opportunity will be there again.

Q: Do you have faith in Austin?
A: For us to accomplish what we want to, he's going to have to play well.