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Ahmad Bradshaw, 10.04.12

Q: How has the week gone for you guys?
A: It's going good. We're just focused on the task at hand. Cleveland is a great defense for our offense and our players and we've just got to prepare for that. Put the past behind us and keep going.

Q: How are you guys preparing for them? They seemed to play well last week.
A: We know this is the NFL and they're professionals too, so they came out strong last game and we just know how strong we have to come out this game to prepare for them. They just started early last game, so we've just got to start early.

Q: Is it good to have a Sunday one o'clock game finally?
A: Oh yeah. We can't wait for that. It's a great scene, great atmosphere for us and we're excited.

Q: Cleveland hasn't played with a lead in each of their last three games. Doesn't that make it more important to get on them early and then pound them?
A: That's just the key. We want to go in early and start fast. If we can do that, I think we'll be successful. We work hard. We finish on this team and if we can just get it into the end, I think we'll be fine.