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Perry Fewell, 10.04.12

Q: Have other teams been changing formations specifically to affect your defensive ends?
A: Oh yeah, people are doing some different things to try and protect against us, they're getting the ball out quick, but you know, no matter what, you have to play the game.

Q: Do some of the injuries prevent you from being as aggressive on defense?
A: Injuries, period, affect the way you play, or the things that you like to do, but you know, our philosophy is ‘next man up,' so that person has to know his role and step in and play and hopefully we can execute what we'd like to call.

Q: Did Kenny Phillip's injury affect your calls?
A: No, we called our game. I thought Stevie Brown came in and did a nice job. To be put in that position and that type of situation, he really didn't have any major errors. He came in and he tackled well. Obviously, we would've loved to have Kenny in there because we have some things that we like to do with Kenny specifically; it wasn't that much of an alteration.

Q: Thoughts on Tyler Sash:
A: It's always good to get a player back. Is he ready to play? That's up for Tom to determine. It's always good to get a player back that has been with you and knows your system and has knowledge and has experience. We'll see.

Q: Has it been difficult to determine who's in and out in the secondary?
A: (laughs) It has been a revolving door. We have not been fortunate enough to stay healthy, and I think that the guys are working hard and doing the best job they possibly can to get back on the field and be with us. It's been a revolving door.

Q: The lack of continuity makes it difficult in terms of communication?
A: Continuity is key for us to be successful. That's something that we constantly strive and try to work for. Obviously when you have injuries, you don't have continuity.

Q: Have you seen any commonalities through four weeks that you can work with?
A: Each team has been a little different in what they do. Sometimes you get a surprise here or there by the protection that you see the opponent come out with. Obviously we feel like if we know what they're going to do then you can counter it if you know. However, each team has been different this year, again, sometimes you just have to whip somebody's ass and make a play, and we need to do that.

Q: Will Stevie Brown start next to Antrel Rolle?
A: Yes, Stevie will be the guy.

Q: How has Prince done? What have you seen in his progression?
A: You know, that's a hard question for me to answer because Prince is a guy that we have a lot of expectation for and he hasn't had a lot of practice time, even though this is his second year. As he continues to play, he gets better. To have a measuring stick right now, it's hard to do because we haven't had that continuity so to speak, or the consistency with him playing a whole lot.

Q: How important is it to get the "first round talent" out of him with all the injuries?
A: It's key for us. It's big. That's why he's a first round pick. He comes with an expectation that if he can help us and play for us and be solid at corner for us, then we're a better defense.

Q: If Rocky Bernard can't play, is Marvin Austin capable?
A: He's still...last week he only played four-ten snaps. He will see an increased role in his play this week if Rocky can't go. We've been working with him since he returned from his injury, so yes, he will see an increased role.

Q: Is there another option?
A: No, there's not too many other options unless you'd like to play.

Q: Kuhn?
A: Kuhn has been playing. Kuhn has been averaging between 10-12 snaps a ball game. We will increase his snaps in the ball game and then those guys will share the duties.

Q: Could Kuhn start if Rocky can't play?
A: We haven't determined that yet, so I'll let Tom answer that question.

Q: Do you sense some frustration out of your defensive ends due to their lack of protection?
A: You know, anytime that you've had success and you haven't been able to build on that success early in the season, you're going to be frustrated somewhat. When teams counter and do something to take you out of your game, you're going to be a little frustrated, but it's a long season. The thing we have to make sure is that we play within the framework of our defense, we play within the framework of the team. We're not selfish, we go out and play how we're supposed to play. When you whip somebody, you have to whip them and make a play. Again, we're going into the fifth game of the season. Those things will come, I'm very confident about that.

Q: Are you encouraged/discouraged by Tuck and JPP saying that they haven't been having the fun that they usually do on the field?
A: Neither nor. Sometimes when those guys spout off, when they say something like that, I let them say it to me and then I know what the context is. Are they frustrated with the blocking schemes that they're getting? That type of thing? I won't answer that question because they haven't said that to me.

Q: A lot of LeSean McCoy's runs were on the outside, how do you stop that?
A: Wow. We underestimated his speed a little bit when he got around the edge. You have to take better angles, you have to flatten out against the guy, and take a better angle against he and Vick. Both of them were fast around the edges. They had a little bit of a different way that they did it. I think we'll be a little bit more prepared the next time that we play those guys.

Q: With Rivers limited and Boley still questionable, who would be next?
A: I think we'll see one of those guys. Again, Tom would have to answer that question, but we'll see one of those guys.