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Perry Fewell knows Giants' defensive ends are frustrated

New York Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell talked about his defensive ends, injuries and more on Thursday.

Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

New York Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Thursday he knows that teams are game-planning to combat the Giants' plethora of pass-rushing defensive ends.

"Oh yeah, people are doing some different things to try and protect against us, they're getting the ball out quick, but you know, no matter what, you have to play the game," Fewell said. "When teams counter and do something to take you out of your game, you're going to be a little frustrated, but it's a long season. The thing we have to make sure is that we play within the framework of our defense, we play within the framework of the team. We're not selfish, we go out and play how we're supposed to play."

Here is a little more from Fewell's Thursday press conference.

On the impact of injuries on the defense:

"Injuries, period, affect the way you play, or the things that you like to do, but you know, our philosophy is ‘next man up,' so that person has to know his role and step in and play and hopefully we can execute what we'd like to call. ... It has been a revolving door. We have not been fortunate enough to stay healthy, and I think that the guys are working hard and doing the best job they possibly can to get back on the field and be with us."

Valentine's View: That revolving door apparently isn't going to stop spinning any time soon. Fewell, and the Giants, need to make the best of it. And more plays from the defensive ends would help.

On LeSean McCoy's big day against the Giants last Sunday:

"Wow. We underestimated his speed a little bit when he got around the edge. You have to take better angles, you have to flatten out against the guy, and take a better angle against he and Vick. Both of them were fast around the edges. They had a little bit of a different way that they did it. I think we'll be a little bit more prepared the next time that we play those guys."

Valentine's View: Some of you were discussing this comment by Fewell in a different thread. My take on this is not that Fewell underestimated McCoy's speed in the game plan. It's that he believes there were instances where players underestimated the speed of McCoy and Michael Vick, and consequently were not in the right position to make plays.

On the development of Prince Amukamara:

"You know, that's a hard question for me to answer because Prince is a guy that we have a lot of expectation for and he hasn't had a lot of practice time, even though this is his second year. As he continues to play, he gets better. To have a measuring stick right now, it's hard to do because we haven't had that continuity so to speak, or the consistency with him playing a whole lot."

Valentine's View: Hard question to answer or not, Amukamara has played better the past two weeks than Corey Webster. Whether that is praise of Amukamara or criticism of Webster is for you to decide.