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Tom Coughlin, 10.04.12

Q: Antrel worked yesterday, but not today?
A: Well, they're trying to control him, the swelling inside.

Q: How do you feel about the team's progress for Sunday's game?
A: I thought today was good. I thought yesterday was good as well. I think mentally they're in pretty good shape, and I think we're moving towards having a good week of practice.

Q: Still think Antrel will play Sunday?
A: That's what we're hoping and feeling.

Q: What's your confidence level in Stevie Brown, Will Hill and Tyler Sash at the other safety?
A: Stevie and Will have played a lot last week. They've had experience and they'll get a majority of the playing time.

Q: How has Tyler looked?
A: Tyler's done well. He's in very good shape, moving very well.

Q: Do the injuries affect your ability to be aggressive on defense?
A: Well it causes you to give real strong consideration to how you're doing things and who's doing it. Hopefully it's not going to restrict us very much. Based on today, the guys that had a chance to practice today played and practiced hard. That's pretty much been the way it's been for us here. When someone is injured and can't go, someone else comes in and plays well or tried as hard as they can, and gives us a great effort.

Q: Are you confident that Coe and Hosley will be back?
A: I'm confident that Coe will be back.

Q: Did Corey Webster have a setback?
A: No, he didn't have a setback. We originally thought that he would be able to practice and run today, but then the doctors felt like he may want to wait another day.

Q: Still the hand?
A: No, he has a hamstring. His hamstring, the one that's been reoccurring last year as well, he's sore there as well, and he does have the hand.

Q: Thoughts on Will Hill's progress from the spring:
A: Well, he's accepted the challenge of playing in the nickel position as he did last week. He plays hard, he wants it badly, he's very motivated. He's done whatever we've asked him to do - special teams was the original thought, but now he's more involved in the secondary. We just hope he keeps getting better.

Q: Nicks?
A: What about him?

Q: He didn't practice today?
A: He's not going to practice.

Q: Chance he'll play this weekend?
A: No.

Q: Will Corey play on Sunday?
A: I don't know, I hope so.

Q: Knee with Nicks, or foot?
A: It's a combination.

Q: Any info on what the problem is with the knee?
A: No. Knee.

Q: Swelling is still there?
A: Not so much today, it's down.

Q: Have teams been blocking JPP differently this year?
A: Let's hope it's coming. Everybody is concerned with where he is, just as they are with all the ends. You're getting formations, if you saw last week's game, you're getting multiple tight ends, what I call ‘a box formation' over there. That's all to reduce the ability of the defensive end to just rush up the field to get to the quarterback. When you see those types of formations, typically on passing downs, you're aware of the fact that there is concern.

Q: Is that only on his end of the line?
A: No, it happens on both sides.

Q: Rivers was limited again today?
A: Yeah, he's kind of feeling his way back.

Q: Did Hakeem re-injure the foot?
A: No, not that I can tell you, no.

Q: Just sore?
A: That's it.

Q: They're hoping rest will help it?
A: Yeah, that's the idea.

Q: Update on Ramses Barden:
A: There's no change.

Q: Thoughts on Trent Richardson:
A: Catches the ball, runs the ball with power. He has speed. It looks to me like they want the ball in his hands maybe 25 times a game. He's a good player.

Q: Does he have the ability to wear down defenses?
A: Yeah. That, of course, was his forte coming out of college. That's what he was.