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Eli Manning, 10.31.12

Q: How were the past two days?
A: It was interesting. Obviously a lot of wind and some water coming through, but we made it through safely, the most important thing. Now the focus is obviously getting ready to play a football game. So it's good to get everybody back in here and get the team together and understand we've got to get ready to play a game.

Q: Is it a challenge to put the reality of what happened aside?
A: I think we've had a couple of days to be with our families and kind of deal with the situation and it's not easy. Obviously, there's still a lot of issues and no power and the home life is different and has its challenges but I think once you get into the facility and get here and start working out and get around the teammates, it will be a good little break to kind of get away from that and once you get here everything feels pretty normal.

Q: What are you thinking when you see the water in your lobby?
A: I saw water coming over the Hudson river into the streets and you see cars completely covered with water and so obviously it can be scary and the wind was blowing and the windows were shaking and you just hope everything holds up and the building holds up and the windows don't crack, but everything didn't and you make it through that Monday night and you wake up Tuesday with the water all gone. It's back where it should be and you just kind of start figuring out what you're going to do the next couple of days.

Q: Do you think you have a rivalry with Ben Roethlisberger?
A: I don't know. Pittsburgh... They're a talented team and they're always good. Great defense. Ben has done a great job making plays. They've been to three Super Bowls since we were drafted that year, so he's a tremendous player. They have a good team and so we've got to make sure we are ready mentally to get ready for them because it's not a team we play very often and we know they have good players. So we have to have a great week of preparation getting ready to play the game and go in there and hopefully we can get a win versus a great team.

Q: Does the storm affect the way you personally prepare as far as watching film and things like that?
A: No. I kind of had a feeling this storm was going to be bad. I came in Monday morning and got my computer ... with film, so I had time yesterday to watch a bunch last night and I feel caught up. Had this morning also... kind of starting a little later so I got in early this morning to catch up on some film and feel right where I need to be and looking forward to getting started, getting the game plan and getting out to practice.

Q: Does your experience of having grown up in the New Orleans area give you a memory bank to rely on?
A: Well, we always left for hurricanes, so I didn't really have that option this time of getting out of Dodge. You know it's no joke and it can be very serious and you just hope... obviously in this situation you have to ride it out and just hopefully didn't have major danger.

Q: Impressions of the Steelers defense?
A: Talented. They have good players. They've got a good scheme. They do a good job of getting to the quarterback. They do a good job against the passing game in general, so we've got to make sure we're sharp in our protections, picking up the different blitzes and their looks and having time to get open. So they do a good job of showing a lot of different things and we've got our hands full.

Q: Do you feel any link to Ben at all?
A: I think you always kind of take pride in your draft class and guys who have done well, so you look at Ben and see two championships, played in three Super Bowls, been to some Pro Bowls. So I think you're proud when your other guys in your draft have done well and had success, but besides the fact of playing in three Super Bowls; that's probably the only stat that I know that he has.

Q: What did you think of him coming out? Did you think he'd be this good?
A: I didn't know. I didn't really know much about him. It's not like I was watching film on him, seeing what he was doing. He was an athletic guy and a strong arm and obviously he's done a great job of making plays and winning a lot of games.

Q: Have you built any relationship with him other than two football players who play for opposite teams?
A: Yeah, it's pretty much through football games and talking to him either before or after a game a little bit. That's been the most of our relationship.

Q: Is Tom Coughlin a good guy to have in a time like this when things are not normal?

A: Yeah, I think so. I think he understands that everybody has got things going on and just letting us come in a little bit later today. We've got to get some things settled and get our families settled in and get them kind of situated for the morning with a lot things going on with no power and what not, but we've got to come in and guys know we've got to get our work done. We've still got a game to play and we've got to get our preparation, we've got to have a great practice, great focus and he'll get us ready to play the game.

Q: Did you see any of the newscasts or see what happened to the Jersey Shore?
A: Yeah, I saw a little bit once I got to the hotel and finally got power and saw some images and pictures and news just about some of the tragic events and the deaths and the fires and loss of homes and whether in New York and New Jersey and all over. Just some terrible stories and obviously you send out prayers to those families and those people who are still going through terrible situations right now. So I guess I feel fortunate that we can come in and come to work and be with our friends and teammates here and my family is safe. So I feel fortunate that we're here today.