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Victor Cruz, 10.31.12

A: Everybody's good. Thank God that we just lost our power overnight. We got it back in the morning, but we don't have any cable right now.

Q: Altogether, not terrible?
A: Yeah, not too bad. It just feels like 1990 all over again. That's about it.

Q: As a Jersey guy, is it difficult to see some of the footage? Like the shore and whatnot? Is it shocking?
A: Yeah. It's definitely shocking. I mean, you've seen it with a couple of hurricanes in the past, when I was younger. I used to see all of that stuff. It never directly affected me. The past couple of years, a couple of hurricanes when you see things, when you see a couple having to evacuate their home and stuff. It definitely hits close to home a little bit.

Q: Do you think this will affect the way you guys prepare for this week? As far as film and staying here, instead of watching film at home?

A: A little bit, a little bit. I think as professionals, we have to be able to adjust. As Coach Coughlin says, it's a mid-stream adjustment. So, we just have to be able to mid-stream adjust to these things and learn how to prepare throughout any circumstances. I guess it's just the nature of the beast. The show must go on. We've got to be ready to play.

Q: Does it make it harder, considering the Steelers are a team that you haven't played very often?
A: I guess so. Just in terms of us not seeing them as much as other teams and being able to get a lot more film on them. Seeing them may be a blessing in disguise for a lot of us, so we can get more time in the film room.

Q: Did you say something on the radio yesterday about structure being in place?
A: You heard it. You heard it. Don't ask, like you didn't hear.

Q: What exactly is the status of that?
A: Nothing, as of right now. It's just, negotiations are being talked about. The only thing in place right now is the structure. That's all I can say at this point.

Q: If the structure is in place, that's pretty good. Right?
A: I guess so. That's positive. It's better than nothing.

Q: Do you think this could happen in a matter of a week or two?
A: Who knows? There's no timetable on it. It's just being patient.

Q: Are you happy with that structure?
A: I'm happy.

Q: Is it a financial structure, or length of years?
A: Next question.