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Eli Manning, 10.03.12

Q: How important is it to put this past Sunday's game against the Eagles behind you?
A: Yeah. From each game, you learn from it, and we did some good things, there are things that we need to clean up, we're looking forward to having a home game, a 1 o' clock start, and facing a good team. Their defense has done well, a lot of turnovers, a lot of sacks, they've played every game close, and so, we've got to make sure we have a great week of practice, and go out there and play great football on Sunday.

Q: Do you like afternoon starts? Early games?
A: Yeah. You can't beat Sunday at 1 o' clock. That's when you like playing football. The night games are good, but three of the first four at night, I think everybody's looking forward to it, Sunday at 1 o' clock.

Q: Because they've played mostly close games, do you think it's an easier sell job for the coaches to keep you guys on your toes? That this team is better than its record shows?
A: I never worry about records. A lot of the time, I don't know the opposing team's record. I watch film, I see the situations, and see how they're playing, and I see a team that makes a lot of big plays. They get turnovers, they get sacks, they have a good scheme, and they do some good stuff defensively that causes problems. So, we've got to be well prepared, and it's going to come down to execution, and guys stepping up and making plays.

Q: Some questions were raised by Cris Collinsworth about Rueben Randle's work ethic on the broadcast the other night. What's your opinion on his work ethic?
A: You know, Rueben's young. He's trying to figure out what it takes to compete and get mentally and physically ready for upcoming games. He has talent, he's been working better. Having an understanding of just how we work, how we prepare each week, and he's been getting more reps these last few weeks, he's doing a good job of putting everything together, and he's going to have to play for us. Whether it's this week, or sometime, he's going to have to make some plays for us, and I believe he can do that. He can help us out.

Q: Did you talk to him about what you expect from your receivers?
A: Yeah. We talked, and go over things, plays from last week, and plays from practice. Just trying to get on the same page, and he is young. It takes time for a quarterback and receiver to gain that trust and that confidence to get on the exact same page and be able to understand what each other is expecting.

Q: You guys have had some injuries at the receiver position. I mean, how much does it put on you to get different groups of guys each week up to speed and ready to contribute?
A: I think our coaches do a great job. We've been fortunate to have some veteran receivers around here, who know what they need to do and how to get ready, and we have young guys in Rueben who have talent, and he's going to be prepared, he's a smart guy, he understands what's going on. I think the more reps you get, the more time he gets with the starting group, game-time experiences, and practice reps, the better we'll get.

Q: How has Victor adjusted to being a guy this year who most of the time sees the focus of the other team's defense, more than he might have been last year?
A: It seems like he's doing well. He's making a lot of catches, a lot of plays for us, and doing a good job getting open. He's just doing his job, and reading the coverages, and running the right routes.

Q: Tom said that he referenced the 2008 loss to Cleveland to some of the guys who were around then. Obviously, you were. What did he say about it to you guys? Does that drive you at all this week?
A: Yeah He just mentioned it. I think for me, each week, I'm always driven to get better, and have a great game plan, and go out there and practice well, and take those reps into the games. So, this is the NFL, and every game is important, every game is tough, every team is good and talented. If you're not 100 percent committed, and bought in, then you're going to lose. Those are the facts; we understand that, I understand that. So, we're working hard to have a great week.

Q: The Browns are a team you guys probably aren't super familiar with. You play them pretty rarely. How does that affect when you're preparing and studying them?
A: You have to get yourself familiar with the personnel. We haven't gone against a lot of the players, figuring out who they are, and just what their scheme is. You go back and watch a lot of pre-season, see if you can pick up on any tendencies, and just get a sense of how we're going to prepare, how certain plays are going to work versus them.

Q: Any lingering bad memories of your last trip to Cleveland?
A: No. It was four years ago. Those get wiped away pretty quickly. New team, new players, new coaches on that side. So, we've just got to make sure we handle our business, and try to go out there and play our best game.

Q: David (Baas) has the hand injury. I know he didn't practice today. Does that affect you guys at all?
A: No. It shouldn't. Guys stepped in today. We had a good practice. We have some guys banged up today. Hopefully, they get back, either tomorrow, or later in the week.

Q: Is there a fine line for a quarterback when you're been dealing with a lot of different receivers? You need to correct these guys at times. Like Tony Romo did the other day. It's clear he was upset with Dez Bryant. You don't need to show that, but I'm sure you feel it. How do you balance that?
A: You try to teach them. Some things, you can get on a guy. Some things, you try to talk to them. It's a matter of are they learning something? Is it a weird look? Are you trying to prepare for the next play, or are they making mental mistakes? The mental mistakes are the ones that are the frustrating ones.

Q: When it seems to look bad, even if it's not bad, it's just two guys talking out a play.
A: During a game, you're not really worried about what it's looking like. I don't like to show up anybody, or throw blame on someone else. It just depends on the circumstances. I don't think much into it; it just depends on how close the receiver is to me when I want to say something, how recent it was to the last play.

Q: Is there such a thing as a good 2-2 record, or a bad 2-2 record? If so, where does this one fall under either category?
A: I think a 2-2 record is a 2-2 record. So, it is what it is.

Q: What do you like about playing at 1 o' clock? You mentioned it a couple of times. What's good about that?
A: You get up, and you go play. Those night games, you kind of feel like you waste a full day, just sitting around and waiting, and waiting and waiting. Growing up, I was a football fan. In New Orleans, it was 12 o' clock. That's what I thought of football. Sunday, 12 o' clock, Saints game is coming on. Now, here, 1 o' clock, that's football time and it's just good to get up and go play. You don't have to sit around and wait for it.