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Rueben Randle stung by work ethic criticism

Rookie wide receiver Rueben Randle reportedly does not understand the criticism that was leveled at him by NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth.

''I am not really sure what he is referring to, so it is kind of hard for me to comment on it,'' Randle said of the criticism by the former receiver who has won an Emmy for his work as a sportscaster.

Randle admits he has not produced as much as he had hoped.

''I mean, as a rookie you come in and struggle and things like that,'' the former LSU product said. ''My job here is (to) just continue to work hard and to trust in my teammates and the coaching staff each and every week, and just take advantage of the opportunities they give me.''

Giants' quarterback Eli Manning was asked about Randle on Wednesday. He offered this assessment:

"You know, Rueben's young. He's trying to figure out what it takes to compete and get mentally and physically ready for upcoming games. He has talent, he's been working better. Having an understanding of just how we work, how we prepare each week, and he's been getting more reps these last few weeks, he's doing a good job of putting everything together, and he's going to have to play for us. Whether it's this week, or sometime, he's going to have to make some plays for us, and I believe he can do that. He can help us out."